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The power of the Supreme Court's right turn shook the country

(CNN)The Supreme Courtpervades every corner of American life, lining up intimate family choices. Instead, it broke the separation of church and state. Reduce the steps churches, nations, and governments can take to prevent gun violence and protect the environment.

The turmoil of the past few weeks, especially when the courts have completely ended women's right to privacy for half a century, is unmatched in modern times. As one liberal opposition wrote, the speed and sweep of the right-wing majority reflected "restless, newly constructed courts."

And that's not over.

A conservative majority (backed by three relatively young appointees of former President Donald Trump) will be controversial, affirmative action, and LGBTQ protection in the next session over voting rights law. We are in a position to continue to influence with religious opposition to.

Still, it's the spectacular 2021-22 sessions that stand out over time. The Dobbs vs. Jackson Women's Health Organizationcase may overturn the Roe v. Wade case and be remembered as one of the most extensive judgments in the history of the Supreme Court. The 5-4 decision marked the first complete reversal of constitutional rights in history.

Judges also expanded Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment to support gun owners, banning the government's "establishment of religion" and its "freedom" by Article 1 of the Constitutional Amendment. Redefined the balance of "exercise". It enables more prayers in public and requires more government money for religious education.

Thanks to three Trump appointees (54-year-old Neil Gorsuch, 57-year-old Brett Kavanaugh, 50-year-old Amy Coney Barrett), a new landscape is possible. Precedent and "Unchangeable Promise" as Judges Sandra Day O'Connor, Anthony Kennedy, and David Souter called it in the 1992 Planned Parent-Child Relationship vs. Casey case and reaffirmed Law. To.

The drive to the right wasn't completely unexpected, even though its power shook the country.

When the liberal Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in September 2020 and Trump soon replaced her with Barrett, the right-wing block of the new six judges spanned decades. He appeared to be in a position to retreat individual rights and government power.

It was a question of how quickly it would happen, and whether the conservative and gradualist Judge John Roberts could slow down the Jaguar Note.

After 20 months, it is clear that the majority were in a hurry. The right wing did not require a majority of Roberts' votes, and he was entirely with them on many conservative agenda items such as religion, race and regulatory power. (Roberts wrote alone in Dobbs-in a neutral position dissatisfied with both sides).

Aggressive conservatives

In the most serious cases, including the right to abortion, the judge decided more aggressively than requested. .. When a judge agrees to adopt a Mississippi law banning abortion at 15 weeks gestation, is it unconstitutional based on Roe and Casey's protection against women's choice of abortion at about 23 weeks gestation? He said he would only decide.

Kavanaugh, who took over Kennedy in 2018, denied Casey's reasoning and signed Dobbs's opinion, which compared Rho to Plessy v. Ferguson in 1896. O'Connor, Kennedy, Souttar.

The Dobbs majority opinion, written by Judge Samuel Alito, hinted at a new era of abortion controversy beyond the realm of judges.

"After today's ruling, nine members of this court no longer determine the basic legality of abortion for all 330 million Americans," Arito wrote. .. "The problem will be solved by people and their representatives in the democratic process of the United States or Congress."

But because the state is responding to Dobbs' decision with a new abortion ban law. , Related disputes may soon return to the High Court.

The Obama era Clean Power Plan was abolished and the Biden administration's plan had not yet been implemented, so the judge also contacted the Environmental Protection Agency's proceedings. Thursday's decision will limit Biden's efforts to control coal and other industry emissions to combat climate change.

In a broader sense, this ruling will affect Washington's ability to protect the country's public health and security.

Roberts, who wrote for the majority, said that limiting carbon dioxide emissions and forcing a shift away from the use of coal for power generation would "could deal with the climate change crisis. Admitted that it could be a "wise" method. "But it's not plausible that Congress empowered the EPA to adopt such a regulatory scheme on its own," he said.

Claiming that the court itself claims excessive control over climate policy, Judge Elena Kagan said, "I can't think of anything more scary."

Earlier this year, six conservatives of justice rejected the Biden administration's efforts to stop the Covid-19 epidemic in vaccination rules. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has instructed employers with more than 100 workers to request a vaccine or weekly Covid-19 testing.

The court ruled in January that OSHA has surpassed its statutory role in workplace safety. "COVID-19 is a risk that occurs in many workplaces, but in most cases it is not a professional risk," the judge said in an unsigned opinion.

The same six judges upheld the conservative Christians in Maine and ruled that religious institutions should be included if the state subsidizes private education. They also supported a high school football coach in Washington State who prayed mid-game after the match, and in doing so abandoned the legal approach of warning against the government's "approval" of religion.

Opponents, along with the country's "long-standing commitment to separation of church and state," deserve the school and students, as the majority emphasized respect for religious expression in the case of Kennedy vs. Bremerton School. He said he wouldn't.

Liberal wings can hardly dispute

NewJudge Ketanji Brown Jackson, on 233 benches in court The country's first African-American woman-year history, successfully retiredStephen Breyeron Thursday and will be placed for a new session.

At the age of 51, compared to the 83-year-old Breyer, Jackson brings a new shot of the youth along with her historic status. However, the balance of 6-3 conservative liberalism remains unchanged.

The wings with Jackson are likely to remain the losers, especially in the high voting rights and cultural war debates on the agenda of the 2022-23 session starting in October.

When three liberals, including Breyer, opposed the Dobbs abortion, they recalled Breyer's mourning from 2007 against the decision to break the school's reunification plan. Few people have changed so quickly.

"Very few" is now more appropriately "Very many" as a super-majority.

The fast pace of such a big change is amazing. Opponents sought to waste a precedent dating back half a century in the debate over the right to abortion and religious freedom. In the

EPA case, they adhered to a recent case, the 2007 case, in which the High Court granted the EPA's authority to regulate carbon dioxide and deal with environmental crises.

"But that court was not this court," Kagan wrote.