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The mystery surrounding Olivia Newton-John's ex Patrick McDermott who went missing at sea

Olivia Newton-John has had many long-term relationships throughout her life, but no one has attracted more attention than her ex Patrick McDermott. I didn't.

In 2005, her on-and-off boyfriend of nine years mysteriously disappeared on her one-night fishing trip off the coast of California shortly after she declared they had called it quits. Tragedy struck the Australian star's life when he became

A Coast Guard investigation at the time concluded that the American photographer likely drowned, and he has since been presumed dead.

However, conspiracy theorists have long claimed that McDermott may have faked his own death. and claimed to have lived in Mexico.

Olivia Newton John and Boyfriend Patrick McDermott

In 2010, he claimed to have tracked down a photographer in his residence. A private investigator boats off Acapulco — and he just wanted to be left alone. That claim was never substantiated.

"He was lost at sea, but no one knows what happened," Newton-John said in her 2016 Australian "60 Minutes." increase.

"It is human to wonder. But as you know, they are things in life that you must accept and let go. Whenever you go through difficult times, Because there's always that concern."

In a previous interview in 2009, the "Grease" star explained that he's been haunted by the trauma of losing a former lover.

Singer and actress Olivia Newton-John (L) and Patrick McDermott

“I think there will always be question marks…I really find peace with that.

Three years after McDermott's disappearance, Newton-John married John Easterling, and they remained married until his death on Monday.

The Australian singer-songwriter was also previously married to Matt Rattanzi, with whom he had a daughter, Chloe Rose Rattanzi.