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"Princess" can't completely save herself from violent, definitely not Disney movies

(CNN)Why "Princess" is premiered in the US full, not the sister service Disney + In the first 5 minutes for those who are wondering, the title character answers when she brutally dispatches a pair of guards sent to the tower where she is detained. The timing of the princess to save herself seems correct, but this violent fantasy with Joey King's figurative hair down has a precious little entity.

Director Le-Van Kiet brings a lot of behavior and some visual style to this slightly closed fear concept. This concept is an assortment of obstacles and her enemies where the princess is much larger than her.

Flashback explains how she can do that, but the fact that the princess, a mentally ill seeker, was shaken (played by Dominique Cooper). With the exception of his primary, the film is not overly obsessed with plots and details Hench Woman ("Quantum of Comfort" Olga Krillenko) is completely ruthless and their plans, including the princess's family. Willing to kill those who interfere with.

This movie has some sense of humor, but most of the time it is portrayed as a cartoon. Kick her crotch, which turned out to be surprisingly ineffective.

This movie represents an extraordinary expanse for King compared to Hulu's last prominent work in the limited series"The Act".The only other important part belongs to Veronica Go ("Old Guard") as her leader in combat art-a lesson done without the knowledge of the King-it's a feminist of the story. It only moderately strengthens the sensibilities.

The movie races in 90 minutes, but the action (sometimes scary) feels relatively small, so it's hard to tell exactly who this was intended for. It Is difficult. It's big and too hardcore to play far beyond its audience base. In that sense, it looks like another Fox release in which the parent of the company, Disney (in this case, of course), didn't know how to handle it in terms of marketing.

It's not that the world can't use a princess kicking her ass right now, but it would have helped deliver an armed princess with just a little more substance than this.

"The Princess" will be premiered on July 1st in Hulu, USA, and will be premiered overseas as a Disney + star original.