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The Real Cruelty of Biden's Open Border Policy — Hurts Low-Income Americans

Regarding "open borders," Joe Biden has done everything a president could do without actually abolishing borders. In this June alone,US Customs and Border Protectionat the southern border he arrested more than 200,000 people, andRepublican Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent immigrants to Washington, D.C. I took a bus to New York. A liberal "sanctuary city" where the police do not cooperate with the Federal Migration Service.

Such a progressive stance may quickly run out of steam: In the face of imminent humanitarian crises, the Democratic mayors of both cities, Eric Adams of New York and his Muriel Bowser of DC, We are currently appealing to thefederal government. for assistance.

But perhaps the most surprising element of all this confusion is that the media blamed the crisis on the right wing. “Cold-blooded Texas governor vows to dump asylum seekers in the middle of DC”was how the Daily Beast covered this articleNew York TimesWhite House spokeswoman Carine Jean-Pierre called Abbott's policies "shameful" and a "political ploy".

But immigrants themselves have no illusions about who deserves credit for arriving in the United States. "Biden promised us that everything would change," one immigrant told reporters in March. "He promised the Haitian community to help them," a Haitian immigrant told Fox News Told. A Honduran woman told Politico: "We just want [the US] to tell us when we can travel."

Where did millions of immigrants get the idea that Biden invited them? From Biden himself, of course. During preliminary debates in 2020, then-candidate Biden said migrants who illegally cross borders should not be detained, and like nearly every other candidate in the debate stage, made illegal border crossings a decriminalization. Millions of migrants were listening, along with traffickers who coerced, tortured, raped and killed.

The Biden administration's border policies hurt low class Americans the most.
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Biden more or less follows through As a president going. From day one, he halted construction of a border wall with Mexico and lifted former President Donald Trump's travel ban to limit travel from 14 countries to his more than 267,000 people in 2019. From 2021 he has dramatically reduced deportations to just 59,000.The Biden administration also vowed to end Title 42. It's a Trump-era restriction that allowed immigrants to be kicked out because of the pandemic, but a federal judge in Louisiana has so far blocked attempts to end Biden's policy. 35}

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security said this week that it would end another effective Trump-era program. This is a stay-in-Mexico program that allowed border guards to expel immigrants and keep them waiting. in Mexico until their dismissal hearings.

The strangest thing about all of this is how the regime's de facto open border policy represents his notable U-turn to the left. Until very recently, free-market Republicans were pushing things like amnesty and easy access to migrant workers, while Democrats were on the side of restricting immigration.

Back in the 1990s, Barbara Jordan was the first black woman from the South to be elected to Congress and the Democratic chairman of the U.S. Immigration Reform Commission, which said: writing. Enable skilled and unskilled workers to compete in the most vulnerable parts of the workforce.

The Biden administration ended the Trump administration's Remain in Mexico policy and has vowed to end Title 42.
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’” socialist Senator Bernie Sanders mocked until 2015. If you bring in all kinds of people and work for $2 or $3 an hour, it's great for them. I don't believe in that. "Fast-forwarding to that 2020 preliminary debate, Sanders said he, like Biden, supports decriminalization of illegal border crossings.

Democratic constituencies, or their support. This reversal is especially surprising given that what used to be strata favored Bernie 2015 over Bernie 2020. In 2019, the majority of Black and Hispanic Americans said they would vote. For a presidential candidate who rose to tighten border security to reduce illegal immigration, this should come as no surprise: Illegal immigration is responsible for a 20% to 60% reduction in black working-class wages.

Another recent study suggests that immigration is responsible for one-third of the decline in Black employment over the past 40 years. Sociologist Musa Al-Gharbi reported that "Blacks in America support immigration restrictions more than any other bloc in the Democratic coalition." We tend to care more about illegal immigration than whites and blacks.”

Why did the Democrats abandon these voters?Many people who support mass immigration does so ostensibly because its overall effect on GDP is positive.

But they tend not to ask and are positive about who. As economist George Borjas has argued, immigrants primarily redistribute wealth from the Indigenous poor to the Indigenous rich, boosting the incomes of the immigrants themselves. In other words, among Americans, it is the elite who will benefit from open borders, those whose professional jobs will not be threatened by non-English speakers. For America's working class, good jobs are being sacrificed on the altar of helping people in other countries.

Asylum seeking migrants cross the Rio Grande river to enter the United States on July 28, 2022.
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Pointing this out, you can count on a squad member to call you a racist who's the best price for mass immigration

"The history of U.S. citizenship is deeply woven with the history of racism," said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2019. Told. history. When Vice President Kamala Harris told immigrants to stay home, Congressman Ilhan Omar tweeted:

BUT , these accusations of bigotry mask a class division that has seen Democrats repeatedly choose the educated white elite over the working class.About 50% of America's domestic servants, Remember that 42% of taxi drivers and chauffeurs and 35% of grounds workers are immigrants, and it is not the immigrants themselves who are subject to the Democratic Party's "anti-racist" moralization. rather than employers of these immigrants.

Of course, many of these progressives also sympathize with immigrants who cross borders in search of a better life. Me too. I can't help but feel sorry for people who want a better life for their children. But what about America's own struggling workers? Why are they inconsiderate?

Like much of America's political debate in 2022,the battle between Governor Abbott and Mayor Adams and Bowser is more about stakes than values. Big-city Democrats hope to flatter the moral vanity of their elite base by rhetorically supporting illegal immigration, but border states like Texas and Arizona won't bear the bill.

Moreover, the "compassionate" approach encourages truly risky behavior, such as parents drowning in the Rio Grande with their infants, or leaving La Bestia immigrants. It is linked to children riding trains and watching others fall to their deaths.One-third of women who travel across borders admit to being sexually abused, Nearly everyone is ripped off in some way by powerful cartels that virtually control our borders.

Trump may have gone too far with his family separation policy, but his ruthless approach to borders has prevented much suffering for both would-be immigrants and American workers. Since early 2022, authorities have found 609 bodies at the border, a record number not including those found further north in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Some of these deaths include 50 migrants dying in the back of an abandoned truck in south Texas earlier this year, and others crossing the Rio River. Grande in May, who made headlines, such as the immigrant from Nicaragua who drowned in the United States, or the 22-year-old who drowned in April. But most of these tragic and totally preventable deaths go unnoticed.

This is left-wing compassion hardened into atrocities. And it's not Governor Abbott's fault, it's President Biden's fault.

Reprinted with permission from unHerd