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Two men behind Boris Johnson's new political crisis

London — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's government faced a new crisis on Tuesday after two of his superlative ministers resigned from each other within minutes. ..

Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid resigned, stating that the government under Johnson's leadership is no longer competent and is "acting for the national interest." ..

The apparently coordinated exit came after Johnson was accused of lying about how he handled allegations of sexual misconduct by senior-appointed lawmakers. I did.

Javid and Sunak are both key members of the Cabinet and are both considered to be Johnson's successors, putting his position at risk.

Let's see who Snacks and Havid are:

Rishi Sunak at the Cabinet meeting on May 24, 2022.

Daniel Lille / Pool via AP

Rishi Sunak

He In hisresignation, Snack told Johnson, "It became clear that our approach was fundamentally too different."

"People naturally expect the government to be implemented properly, competently and seriously. I recognize that this may be the work of my last minister. But I believe these standards are worth the fight, and that's why I resign, "he wrote.

Sunak, until recently, is the party's most illustrious rising star, the most famous potential leadership candidate, and bookmakers like to succeed Johnson. Was widely regarded as.

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When he became Treasury Secretary in 2020, a 42-year-old snack said he would survive the worst economic downturn and steer the economy. I was entrusted with the enviable work and was in the limelight. Record for a pandemic. He has made billions of pounds of emergency spending to help businesses and workers, and his policies have generally been viewed in a positive way.

However, "partygate" changed their fate. Like Johnson, he was fined for attending a closed birthday party in Downing Street in June 2020. It has also received great criticism for its slow response to the UK's serious cost of living crisis.

Snacks also avoided his wife Akshata Mercy paying UK taxes on foreign income and his US green while a former investment banker worked for the government. Faced with pressure after being exposed to holding the card.

Born to Indian parents who emigrated from East Africa to the United Kingdom, Snack attended a private school at Winchester College and studied in Oxford.

Some consider elite education and his past work at investment bank Goldman Sachs and hedge funds to be in the red because he doesn't seem to be in contact with ordinary voters. ..

Sajid Javid arrives at the Cabinet meeting 2022 May 12.

OliScarff / Pool Photo

Sajid Javid

In his statement, Javid said: It says. "I could no longer conscientiously continue to serve in this government," he said.

Havid, 52, has been Minister of Health since June 2021 and is leading the UK's response to COVID-19.

He previously served as Treasury Secretary, but resigned in early 2020 after clashing with Johnson over an order to dismiss his team of advisors.

The fact that Johnson brought him back to government to handle the coronavirus reaction reflects his reputation for his ability.

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Javid, the father of four, was first elected in 2010 and has held various government positions, including serving as Minister of the Interior and key divisions of business, culture and housing.

He ran for the 2019 Conservative leaders election, but was eliminated in the fourth round and lost to Johnson.

Havid, the son of a Pakistani immigrant, claims to be an ordinary person to replace his private school-educated rivals, but before entering politics he had a lucrative career at an investment bank. rice field.