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00:00 This week on "Sunday Morning" (Feb. 25)
00:00 A high school swimmer saves the life of an opponent who was drowning
00:00 This Los Angeles banker knows about starting over — both in his personal and professional life
00:00 Florida deputy's inaction the latest missed opportunity to stop Nikolas Cruz
00:00 USTA’s Bouchard case: Early tennis downfall, recent Instagram rise
00:00 Josh Duhamel defends Fergie after disastrous national anthem
00:00 The controversial residents of Trump Tower
00:00 The Latest: US companies split with NRA
00:00 After deadly shooting, Florida governor calls for raising minimum age to buy firearms
00:00 New murder charge announced against suspected Toronto serial killer
00:00 This is why your fridge smells
00:00 AMC offers free ‘Wrinkle in Time’ tickets for underprivileged children
00:00 Former Trump Campaign Aide Rick Gates Will Cooperate With Mueller Investigation
00:00 Rick Gates appearing for plea hearing
00:00 Dem. Rep. Admits He Doesn't Care About Getting Gun Facts Wrong: 'I Will Use Assault Rifle Interchangeably'
00:00 US expected to move embassy to Jerusalem in May 2018
00:00 Dementia patient says her therapy cat was swapped with stuffed animal
00:00 Ex-Trump campaign aide expected to plead guilty
00:00 Florida governor: Ban gun sales to those under 21 years old
00:00 These are the Florida students behind the movement to end gun violence
00:00 Rick Gates, former Trump campaign aide, expected to plead guilty in Russia case
00:00 U.S. Skiers Who Just Won Gold and Silver Medals Got Matching Tattoos Because Olympic Friendship Is Forever
00:00 Trump Defends Arming Teachers at CPAC After Parkland Shooting: 'A Teacher Would Have Shot the Hell Out of Him'
00:00 Schools physically restrained students 9,000 times last year
00:00 Woman stabs creep after he masturbated in front of her on train
00:00 NPR adopts new measures after sex harassment scandals
00:00 This raw vegetable is just as risky to eat as raw meat
00:00 Brands ending discounts and benefits for NRA members
00:00 Trump campaign aide Rick Gates to plead guilty in Mueller investigation
00:00 Former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates set to plead guilty
00:00 Trump announces new North Korea sanctions
00:00 Florida’s Governor Is Raising the Age Limit for Buying a Firearm
00:00 Florida’s Governor Proposes Raising the Age Limit for Buying a Firearm
00:00 President Trump at CPAC Insists Arming Teachers, Not Gun Control, Will Keep Schools Safe
00:00 At CPAC, Trump's base trusts him on guns
00:00 InfoWars is two strikes away from being banned from YouTube
00:00 Citi to Refund $330 Million to Credit Card Customers It Overcharged
00:00 Prosecutors: Victims in fatal shooting not intended targets
00:00 No One's Quite Sure Why Lassa Fever Is On The Rise In Nigeria
00:00 'A teacher would have shot the hell out of him': Trump cites Parkland shooting as reason to arm teachers
00:00 WH trying to keep Kushner involved on sensitive issues without Trump's intervention
00:00 Jury recommends death penalty in 14-year-old girl's slaying
00:00 Why the NRA is so powerful on Capitol Hill, by the numbers
00:00 Team USA’s Women Are Beating the Men in the Olympics Medals Count
00:00 NYPD Commissioner: Arming teachers isn’t a good idea
00:00 Flu Season May Be Starting to Wind Down — But It Killed 13 More Kids Last Week, CDC Says
00:00 Trump Declares New Shipping Sanctions On North Korea
00:00 James Woods: I was 'blacklisted' like Brendan Fraser but for my conservative politics
00:00 5 new TV shows you should watch when the Olympics are over
00:00 FL Gov. Rick Scott rolls out 'action plan' for school security
00:00 Florida gov. announces plan to improve school safety
00:00 Former Trump associate Rick Gates is making a deal with Mueller
00:00 Trump doubles down on arming teachers
00:00 Flu kills 13 more children, bringing the toll this season to 97 kids
00:00 Germany claims shock Olympic ice hockey victory over Canada
00:00 Florida Governor Rick Scott Backs Raising Age Limits on Assault Rifles
00:00 Ruins of ancient Roman city wash up on Turkish coast
00:00 Scientists Are Struggling to Understand When Adolescence Begins
00:00 North Korea Is Sending Military Hardliner Kim Yong Chol to the Olympic Closing Ceremony. Here’s What to Know
00:00 Florida schools must display 'In God We Trust' under bill passed in state House
00:00 Mexico finds 103 migrants abandoned in freight trailer
00:00 Florida governor breaks with Trump over proposal to arm teachers
00:00 President Trump Went Way Off Script and Turned His CPAC Speech into a Campaign Rally
00:00 Mary J. Blige and Common set to perform at Oscars ceremony
00:00 The Latest: Life sentence for man who shot unarmed black man
00:00 Belarus Olympic biathlete Darya Domracheva -- an ex-KGB agent -- is a renaissance woman
00:00 Here’s What Happened When the Supreme Court Ruled on Whether Students Can Protest During School
00:00 Former Ulta employee says she felt pressured to resell used products
00:00 How Assad Keeps Getting Away With Massacres in Full View of the World
00:00 Donald Trump stokes a totally false idea on the 2nd Amendment in CPAC speech
00:00 8 pop culture moments from 2008 you won't believe happened 10 years ago
00:00 Your makeup brushes are loaded with deadly bacteria—here's how to wash them
00:00 Britney Spears' ex Kevin Federline asks for more child support, report says
00:00 Trump at CPAC: 2nd Amendment, tax cuts at risk if Dems take power
00:00 Step inside the Texas school district that already arms its teachers
00:00 Whoopi Goldberg lectures Mo'Nique on "The View"
00:00 Gov. and Veteran Navy SEAL Indicted on Felony Invasion of Privacy Charge for Nude Photo
00:00 Freewheeling Trump at CPAC touts armed teacher proposal
00:00 Hoaxers are now doctoring real news stories to spread misinformation on Snapchat
00:00 Feds crack down on elder fraud as seniors lose billions to scams
00:00 Trump slimes John McCain over health care vote
00:00 President Trump says 'we will act' after Parkland shooting
00:00 U.S. embassy moving to Jerusalem in May
00:00 KPCC buys LAist; Gothamist sites are being revived by public radio stations
00:00 I shouldn’t have removed my silver medal: Canadian hockey star
00:00 Lawyers seek to seal warrant for wife of slain doctor
00:00 Here are the companies breaking up with the NRA (and ones that need more encouragement)
00:00 Former Trump Adviser Rick Gates Is About to Plead Guilty in Robert Mueller’s Investigation
00:00 Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah roast President Trump's 'I hear you' note about school shootings

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12312 Медвежий сценарий для криптовалют — реклама
00:00 (UŽIVO) NEMAČKA - SRBIJA! "Orlovi" oslabljeni na najtežem testu!
00:00 This week on "Sunday Morning" (Feb. 25)
00:00 Állami bank és egy biztosító zsigerelte ki a családot, majd hibát emlegettek
00:00 Rašimu uznali hlasy, teraz čaká na Ústavný súd
00:00 Andreas Christensen backed by Antonio Conte to be next Chelsea captain despite Barcelona howler
00:00 Why Brexit risks ending the United Kingdom as we know it
00:00 Paulo Alves abandona comando técnico do Gil Vicente ao fim de sete jogos
00:00 Krieg in Syrien: Merkel und Macron platzt der Kragen: Putin soll für Waffenruhe sorgen
00:00 School buses cancelled as skies issue technicolour warning of freezing rain on the way
00:00 Arbejdsmarkedsforsker: Storkonflikt kan slet ikke udelukkes
00:00 Köln - Zahlen rückläufig! Doch das bereitet der Kölner Polizei große Sorgen
00:00 Köln - Ist auch Ihr Schmuck unter dem Diebesgut?
00:00 Kolaps v centru Prahy. Prasklá kolej na zbytek dne paralyzovala devět tramvajových linek
00:00 В Тбилиси сжигают чучела Сороса
00:00 Lindstroem leads Sweden to relay gold
00:00 Як відомий італійський футболіст шукав Путіна на Красній площі
00:00 Otra actriz denunció a Juan Darthés por acoso
00:00 قرعة سدس عشر المباريات الحارقة للدوري الأوربي
00:00 Soteldo sufre molestia y podría ser baja en el duelo ante Temuco
00:00 Türk Telekom'da 3 gol, 1 kırmızı kart!
00:00 SSV Jahn Regensburg gegen Fortuna Düsseldorf live - Aktueller Spielstand 1:3
00:00 Corruption Index : Holistic approach needed to fight dip – Emile Short
00:00 "Нереально эмоциональный матч!": лучший бомбардир УХЛ - о полуфинале на Олимпиаде
00:00 В Україні модернізували винищувач МіГ-29 до покоління 4+
00:00 เจอแล้ว! รถดับเพลิง อบต.ผาขาว จอดข้างถนน หลังถูกมือดีขโมยกลางดึก
00:00 Ibrahimović: Utakmica s Jahorinom nam je najvažnija
00:00 Local companies to advertise on DSTV
00:00 Potilaiden arkaluontoiset paperit lojuivat Vuosaaren terveysaseman käytävällä - ”Ei voida olla varmoja, ettei kukaan ole napannut niitä”
00:00 Rui Vitória e o VAR: “Temos a casa a arder, temos as mangueiras prontas, mas os extintores estão amolgados”
00:00 Z predpovede meteorológov vás poriadne strasie: Milí Slováci, jarné teploty sú v nedohľadne!
00:00 Hétfőtől országos razzia, a teherautókat és a buszokat ellenőrzik a rendőrök
00:00 Salon de l'Agriculture 2018 : les politiques en compagnie des bêtes
00:00 Fegyveres rablás miatt kapcsolták le a Villareal focistáját
00:00 Zagitova gives OAR first Pyeongchang gold
00:00 Ломаченко: Я хочу Rolls-Royce
00:00 Westbrook y un triple increíble a falta de un segundo
00:00 Украина направил ноту МИД РФ о последствиях выборов президента России в оккупированном Крыму, - Климкин
00:00 Cipro, dopo il blocco e le minacce turche Eni rinuncia: la nave Saipem 1200 cambia rotta e si dirige in Marocco
00:00 Kẻ xả súng Mỹ được thừa kế 800.000 USD từ bố mẹ nuôi
00:00 Сало полезно, а в обезжиренном твороге пользы никакой — научно доказанные факты о здоровом питании
00:00 Kayseri’de 14 yıllık eşini, 5 yaşındaki kızının gözleri önünde bıçaklayarak öldürdü
00:00 Грабар Китаровићева примила представнике српских удружења несталих
00:00 Bending the Rules
00:00 Pisa, tensione in centro per il comizio di Salvini. La polizia carica il corteo degli antagonisti
00:00 Судья окружного админсуда и его брат-адвокат задержаны на Волыни за получение 3,6 тыс. долл. взятки, - прокуратура. ФОТО
00:00 Disponible crédito para productores de cerdos, gracias a fideicomiso otorgado por China-Taiwan
00:00 Simon Wilson - My cancer diary: 'I didn't go into shock, though I'm terrified of dying'
00:00 Familie gibt ihm Kraft - Liebes-Doping für Pierre Merkel
00:00 La Copa Wallace realizará la edición XX este sábado
00:00 Кубив намерен вернуть ЛАЗ из собственности российского бизнесмена
00:00 Тотальный грабеж: появилось видео руины в особняке Пшонки
00:00 Львовский горсовет в два раза увеличил доплату к пенсии ветеранам УПА
00:00 Delegates from 40 countries to take part
00:00 Don’t let the downmarket digs drive you away from the assured, beautiful Porcupine Lake
00:00 Thieves steal video camera from American doctors in Kericho
00:00 ​El Bodegón: Un lugar que promete hacerte viajar en el tiempo a través del paladar
00:00 В Цюрихе произошла стрельба возле банка, есть жертвы
00:00 ВСС расписао конкурс за избор 286 судија
00:00 Quando o pneu é mais “inteligente” que o condutor
00:00 PNG niega adhesión a alguno de los dos candidatos presidenciales
00:00 СМИ: в Москве отец выстрелил в сына из травмата и покончил с собой
00:00 RBS boss hails 'symbolic' first profit since financial crisis but stock slides on US fine fears
00:00 МИД РФ объяснил, откуда в посольстве в Аргентине взялись чемоданы с кокаином
00:00 Statele Unite au anunţat noi sancţiuni împotriva Coreei de Nord
00:00 З'явились фото Вікторії Бекхем із травмованою ногою
00:00 Handball: DHB-Vizepräsident Hanning kassiert hohe Provision für Sponsorenvertrag
00:00 Бюджетный рецепт для очищения организма
00:00 Nasarawa-owned tertiary institutions suspend strike
00:00 ‘Morocco is 2026 World Cup Logical Host’: Former FIFA President
00:00 Ολοκληρώθηκε ο πρώτος κύκλος επαφών του ΣΕΤΕ
00:00 München - Sechs Jahre Haft für Messerstecherei in Tabledance-Bar
00:00 Временска прогноза – 24. фебруар
00:00 Cuxhaven - „Reichsbürger“ schrecken das Cuxland auf
00:00 Kleintransporter rutschte in Wald
00:00 Невосполнимая потеря: Путин сравнил Романа Филипова с защитниками Сталинграда
00:00 Confirmado: Habrá final única de Libertadores
00:00 Følg Superliga-kampen her: Horsens lægger tryk på Randers fra start!
00:00 Motra The Future atoa siri ya kufanya remix ya Waka kutoka kwa Diamond (+audio)
00:00 Regionali Lazio, “meno migranti e più turisti” della Lombardi? Fico non condivide, Di Battista: “Meglio altre parole”
00:00 Arminia Bielefeld gegen Dynamo Dresden live - Aktueller Spielstand 1:0
00:00 Nuk mjafton paraqitja pozitive dhe basketbollisti më i mirë i ndeshjes, Shqipëria mundet nga Danimarka
00:00 Airbnb kääntää kurssiaan – Alkaa välittää hotellihuoneita ja tarkastajan syynäämiä asuntoja
00:00 EPL: FA charges Guardiola over Catalonia yellow ribbon symbol
00:00 Уочи гласања у УН, бомбе падају по Гути и Дамаску
00:00 Ionel Arsene, fostul preşedinte al CJ Neamţ, a cerut instanţei revocarea arestului preventiv / Decizia magistraţilor
00:00 What time is France vs Italy Six Nations 2018 match? Kick-off time, TV channel, how to watch and team news
00:00 Dispenad Ingin Tingkatkan Kualitas Prajurit Penerangan
00:00 В матче "Динамо" - АЕК установлен исторический рекорд Лиги Европы
00:00 Bundesliga im Live-Stream - So sehen Sie Mainz gegen Wolfsburg live im Internet

The U.S. Plans to Restrict Visas For Cambodians Who Are ‘Undermining Democracy’