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‘The View’: Alyssa Farah Griffin Predicts Donald Trump Will Be More “Devastated” By Trump Tower Sign Removal Than He Will Be “Sitting In A Prison Cell”

Donald Trump’s streak of bad legal luck continued yesterday when a New York Supreme Court justice ruled that the former President was liable for fraud by overinflating the value of his real estate holdings. The trial is set to begin next week in a New York City court of law, but things are not looking promising for the Trump family.

“Wait until Melania finds out he’s worth 800 bucks,” Joy Behar joked in response to the news at the top of this morning’s episode of The View, which also happened to be the first episode where the show’s staff of WGA writers were back at work. (“Am I allowed to say the writers are back?”, host Whoopi Goldberg wondered aloud.)

The former President’s upcoming trial was the big topic of conversation in the first block of this morning’s segment of Hot Topics. The panel turned to their resident legal expert, Sunny Hostin, to explain the case brought by prosecutor Letitia James (“She was not playin’,” Whoopi sagely noted), the judge’s statement yesterday, and what could potentially happen down the road.

“Explain it so that I can understand it, and Eric Trump can understand it,” Behar requested. (It’s worth noting that Eric Trump needs to understand the case, seeing as how he is currently the EVP of the Trump Organization, whose holdings and revnues could be significantly impacted by this trial.)

Well, Hostin explained it — we won’t bore you with the nitty gritty details — and turned the stage over to Alyssa Farah Griffin, the former Trump aide. Would AFG go light on her former boss?

“New Yorkers always kinda knew he was a fraud, and a charlatan, and a con man,” she began, proving pretty much right away that we was NOT about to go light on him. “I do know the man decently well. He thinks that being a loser, or being poor, or struggling financially — those are the worst things.”

“I think seeing the sign Trump Tower taken off of Fifth Avenue would be more devastating to him than sitting in a prison cell,” she speculated. “Because it says unequivocally he is a loser In the place he always wanted to make it.”


“[Trump] must be plotzing,” Behar chimed in.

“What’s plotzing?”, Hostin inquired. (We can only assume Hostin didn’t have Yom Kippur plans this past weekend.)

“It’s like the meat sweats,” AFG explained (poorly).

Pop a Tic Tac, Joy. You’ve earned it.


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