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"The View" Woman: Roe News Reported While Flying to The Bahamas

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"The View" was broadcast live from the Bahamas on Monday, and hosts how they felt about the brokenSupreme Court overturning the Roe v. Wade case. It started by discussing Taka. To Bahammer Resort.

"When I was flying in the air on Friday, there was news that the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case, so the" Hot Topics "meeting soon occurred at a height of 40,000 feet. Did. In the air trying to handle the impact of this decision. " 

Goldberg also said that not all hosts agreed on this issue.  

"It's the heart of whether you have the right to make decisions about other people's reproductive choices," she said. "That's the heart of it. That's about it." 

Security fencing is in place outside the Supreme Court in Washington, Saturday, May 14, 2022, ahead of expected abortion right rallies later in the day. 

Security fencing is taking place outside the Supreme Court On Saturday, May 14, 2022, a court in Washington said before the expected rights to abortion gathered later in the day.  (AP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

'View'host claims'red waves are coming' Shut down:'You don't know it'

Co-host Joy Beher said it happened while they were on a plane to the Bahamas, saying, "It's jumping out. It wasn't easy on the plane. " 

" And I don't think Joy didn't try, "co-host Sarah Haynes joked. "And when you enter the Supreme Court, you know," Behar jokingly said. 

"It was a little shocking. I remember the words coming out very fast and getting up from my seat. Of course, Sunny gave me all the information. Pretty much. It was a tough moment, "he added, adding that they knew to some extent that it would come because the draft opinion of Judge Samuel Alitowas leaked in May.

Behar said he doesn't think they'll get it done because it's "insane."

"The View" broadcasted live from the Bahamas on Monday.

"The View" was broadcast live from the Bahamas on Monday. (Screenshot / ABC / TheView)

ROE V WADE OVERTURNED: How the media decides on the Landmark Supreme Court 

Frequent guest host Ana Navarro said the abortion issue was a "political wedge issue". Said.

"And I think no one thought the dog would actually get on the bus. So now we have to endure the results, and that's all you know. There is a division of the country. What if I myself hadn't had such a leak a few months ago and this had a complete impact on America? "She said. 

Sunny Hostin compared the leaked draft with Arito's final opinion and said it was "almost identical."

Haynes criticized lawmakers and said the Roe v. Wade case should have been codified. 

"Many of the people we had in 1993, when the Freedom of Choice Act came into force – Democrats were the majority, so people strive to codify it. I'm dissatisfied because I didn't. They could have been able to push this through. They sat down a bit, not enough here, not enough there, nothing was done I said I didn't, "Haynes said. 

Crowds outside the court reacting to the Dobbs ruling.

Out-of-court crowd reacting to sewage Judgment. (Photo by Joshua Comins / Fox News)

She also said Roe wasn't safe because of the determined method. 

"To both sides, I'm not a lawyer, but it looks like they're using it as a voting wedge problem, and that's why," Behar argued. .. 

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ABC's Terry MoranSome media outlets who shared the disastrous predictions after the ruling said in a Supreme Court proceeding on Sunday that "women will die."

"This is another world for American women," he said. 

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