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The vise is tightening around Donald Trump as the 2024 decision looms

"My beautiful home in Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-A-Lago, is currently under siege and raided by a large group of FBI agents. It's occupied," Trump said. On Monday night, his preferred social was posted on his network, Truth Social. "They also broke into my safe," he added. Agents appear to be focusing on areas of the sprawling property containing Trump's living quarters and offices. I didn't know right away if it was. A box of items was removed during the search, a source familiar with the investigation told CNN.

We know that federal agents issued a subpoena to the National Archives and Records Administration in May.A grand jury inquiry into whether Trump or someone close to him mishandled classified documents he took with him after he left the White House last January.
Earlier this year,his 15 boxes of White House records that Trump brought to Maralagowere recovered and returned to the National Archives. Among the returned boxes were letters from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and former President Barack Obama.
FBI raid reveals photo of torn note of New York Times' Maggie Haberman that appears to be Trump's distinctive calligraphy in bathroom It was done on the same day as It was at the White House.
This is consistent withthis CNN report mid-February:

"Three former White House officials told CNN, A White House staff secretary said he saw Trump manually destroy it on multiple occasions, a practice that made it difficult to preserve presidential records. He said he organized his file boxes in a fairly methodical fashion, tearing up newspaper clippings.

The disposition of memos, e-mails, and other forms of presidential communications violates federal law as set forth in thePresidential Records Act. (Under the Act, all communications of the president are ultimately owned by the public.)
FBI execution of search warrant says Trump's attorneys are in contact with the United States. It happened a few days after the news broke. The Department of Justice regarding the ongoing investigation into the Jan. 6, 2021 U.S. Capitol riots. As CNN first reported:

"Talks centered around whether Trump could hide conversations he had during his presidency from federal agents.

"In recent weeks, investigators have been actively in Trump's orbit, supporting efforts to overturn the 2020 election and supporting those efforts." It focused on carrying out a search for a lawyer who tried to impress, and subpoenaed a former senior White House official.” (Notable: Trump is not a lawyer.)

Monday's high-profile Trump raid The series of developments culminating in .

Politically, Trump continues to be his 800-pound gorilla in the Republican Icanfield. Over the weekend, he won a convincingstraw vote at a rally in Texas with astraw vote. The main question at this point is when to announce the candidacy, not whether to do so. A clear sense of getting closer to him complicates it all. Trump under legal attack is one thing Republicans accept. Thing.

Of course we're not there yet. But his FBI activity on Monday suggests that Trump's legal troubles are likely to get worse before they get better. And they may get even worse.