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These "Shark Tank" suspenders keep your hands free while keeping your drink cool

Are you ready to be the coolest in the block? If you plan to spend a lot of time drinking outdoors this summer, you'll want to keep your drinks cool, whether it's abarbecue,, hanging in the pool, or a full-fledged garden job. .. And when the scorching temperature is predicted, you will need the help of your new favorite accessory, the muff "Spender".

This genius invention ishands-free and designed to keep drinks cold. Currently available in a variety of sizes and colors. The larger black options are: Available for $ 50 for a limited time.

Muff'Spender revolutionizes the day's drinking by ensuring that canned or bottled beverages are chilled through a convenient insulated pocket of contraction that can be worn like a regular suspender. Ready to wake up. The inventors of this "Shark Tank" feature work all true by building an outdoor wearable accessory that not only keeps the drink cool, but also keeps the drink cool and backs up when it's done. I thought about it.

Are you wondering how the muff "Spender" works? Constructed of a very durable material with sturdy clips for attaching to trousers, these suspenders work like any other pair and have many advantages. There are a total of two insulated pockets, one on each strap, ready to carry 12 ounces of cans or bottled beverages as needed. Open one drink and keep it cold while another drink is ready.

Need to open the next beer? Comes with a metal bottle opener. It also includes a small utility pocket so you can carry a lighter, cigar, pen, or pocket knife to prepare for anything.

Happy customers praise this innovative invention. Joe says: I can do garden work for myself with a few panaches. And Greg praised "good quality materials and workmanship". Use

Muff ‘Spenderto keep your drink cool wherever you go in the summer. Get a large black set now for just $ 50.

Prices are subject to change.