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These used cars are skyrocketing in value due to high gas prices

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Used car pricescontinued to fall slowly in May, but some models show a significant rise. According to, the average price of used cars fell $ 193 to $ 34,199, 16.9% higher than last year.

However, if you disassemble a hybrid car and an electric car, the situation will be completely different. Usedhybrids like the

Toyota Priusrose 32.1% to $ 34,372, and electrical products rose 37.7% to $ 58,165.

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The Prius remains Toyota's most fuel-efficient vehicle without a plug.

The Prius remains Toyota's most fuel efficient car without plugs. (Toyota)

The top models that drove the increase were theHyundai Sonata Hybrid(47.8%), Nissan Leaf (41.4%), Tesla Model S (39.0%), Toyota Prius Prime (38.0%), Toyota Prius (36.35).

The Nissan Leaf was redesigned in 2018.

The Nissan Leaf was redesigned in 2018.(Nissan)

"The sharp rise in gas prices over the past few months has led to a surge in demand for hybrid and electric vehicles," iSee Cars said. Said Karl Brauer, executive analyst at. ..

Used Teslas are in demand as the production of new models has been limited.

Used Tesla is in demand for the production of new models There are restrictions. (Tesla)

Pickup prices for the lowest-priced segments such as hatchbacks, wagons and sedans also increased by just 6.7%.

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"Small cars are for growth It has become the only affordable used car option for. Being part of the population, rising prices reflect the high demand these low-demand vehicles have experienced in recent years. "

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These are the rate of price increase since May 2021 Is the highest 10 survey:

Hyundai Sonata Hybrid 47.8%

Nissan Leaf 41.4%

Tesla Model S 39.0%

Toyota Prius Prime 38.0%

Toyota Prius 36.3%

Mercedes Benz G Class 35.7%

BMW 3 Series 34.4%

Kia Rio 32.9%

Toyota Avalon Hybrid 31.9%

Fiat 500x 31.6%

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