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This $30 test could tell you what foods you shouldn’t eat

If you’ve noticed there’s a food or dish that always leaves you feeling a little iffy, you might have a food sensitivity. Food sensitivities are a little different than allergies. Over 30 million Americans have food-based allergies, but anywhere from 15 to 20% have a food sensitivity.

You might even have one you don’t know about. That doesn’t mean there’s a shellfish out there waiting to ruin your day. If you’re often bloated or tired or achy after eating something, it might actually be a food you’re sensitive to. If you want to find out for sure, you could try a food sensitivity test, and you can get this food sensitivity test on sale for only $30.

The basic sensitivity kit lets you test for over 400 food and drinks. That includes common food intolerances like seafood, dairy, gluten, nuts and seeds, meat, and a lot more. There may be a biological reason you don’t like tofu. All you have to do is send in a hair sample after redeeming your kit voucher.

Basic Food Sensitivity Test, $30, original price: $60

Basic sensitivity test logo.

You can even use the hair from your hairbrush as long as you’re the only one who uses it. Your results will come in three to five days, and you can even view a sample so you know what to expect. Take a look at your food sensitivities and see whether you have a moderate, high, or no reaction to foods you may be eating at restaurants or at home.

Part of your sensitivity results will be a detailed report of all the foods you have a high, moderate, or no reaction to. These results come from an accredited team of analysts and could help you cut out food your body doesn’t react well to.

See if that bloating after dinner is actually due to a food intolerance. Cut out the food your body doesn’t like and start living more comfortably. The first step could be to get a Basic Food Sensitivity Test for $30 (reg. $60).

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