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This Easter egg decorator is a game changer for kids -- and it's $10 off right now

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Hey Buddy Hey Pal

CBS Deals has a special offer for you, just in time for the Easter holiday -- and if you buy now, you can save $10. You probably know that Easter egg decorating can be a disaster. Between broken and cracked eggs, huge color messes and slippery vats of colored, smelly vinegar, it's no wonder so many of us give in and just buy the plastic ones. Sure, you can try one of the thousands of Pinterest Easter egg hacks, but half of those don't even seem to work. So, what can you do?

Eggmazing egg decorator products from CBS Deals:

You can color eggs at home with all the fun and without any mess thanks to the Hey Buddy Hey Pal Original Eggmazing egg decorator. Spinning action makes it easy to hold eggs still and decorate eggs at lightning fast speeds with your favorite colors. The set comes with eight non-toxic markers (great for those of us who sometimes peel the Easter eggs afterward and eat them) and the patented spinning action egg decorator device. 

And we haven't even told you the best part: Right now, these egg decorators and their Eggmazing designs are 36% off. It's a great discount for you to get this Easter egg decorating product for $10 off -- but only if you buy now. The dinosaur egg decorating kit can work even after Easter so you can decorate dinosaur eggs all year long.

The Original Eggmazing egg decorator, $18 (down from $28)

Want even more fun Easter designs with your Eggmazing egg decorator from Hey Buddy Hey Pal? There are more options -- including dinosaur egg decorating kits -- below.

More hot CBS Deals finds

It's not just the Eggmazing Egg Decorator that's on sale now. We found deals for all sorts of TV-famous products available at our partner site right now. Check out the best seen-on-TV deals below or tap the button to view all the deals.

Solawave anti-aging skincare wand 


This 33%-off magical skincare wand from Solawave comes with red light therapy and microcurrent pulse technology to help tighten, lift, rejuvenate, depuff and more. It provides therapeutic warmth and facial massage and can give you real results if used 10-15 minutes a day, three to five times a week. It's USB rechargeable, has a one-year warranty and is $50 off on CBS Deals right now.

Solawave anti-aging skincare wand with red light therapy and microcurrent, $100 (lowered from $150)

CleanLight Air Pro


This portable, battery-powered air purifier isn't confined to just one little section of your home. You can take it with you anywhere and be certain that the air quality will be drastically improved wherever you are. The CleanLight Air Pro uses UV-C rays and negative ion technology to kill 99.99% of airborne pathogens and microorganisms, like mold, germs, viruses and bacteria. 

The CleanLight Air Pro is also rechargeable and designed to easily fit into a cupholder for on-the-go air purifying experiences. The ultra-quiet fan is available in multiple speed settings for your convenience. Not to mention, the negative ion generator needs no filters -- it lasts for 20,000 hours, which is over 20 times longer than a traditional filter. Get this special offer now.

CleanLight Air Pro, $80 (down from $190)

Snuggie: Get two for $25


Snuggie -- the wearable blanket with sleeves -- is currently 50% off. And right now, when you buy a Snuggie at, you'll receive a second Snuggie for free. You and your favorite person can snuggle on the couch in complete comfort.

Choose from three colors. 

Snuggie (2 pc.), $25 (reduced from $50)

Calming Heat By Sharper Image: $42

Sharper Image

This heated, weighted massaging pad features three heat settings and six vibration settings to help reduce pain, tension, inflammation and more, made with new and improved Sharper Image technology.

Get it now for 30% off. 

Calming Heat by Sharper Image, $42 (reduced from $60)

The Link smart pet wearable: Save $60

Link My Pet

The Link smart pet wearable is a lightweight, waterproof device that helps you not only track your pet's location through GPS tracking but also monitor their activity levels and exercise habits. A built-in LED light can help keep your pet safer in the dark. Everything can be controlled from your phone with the Link app. Service plan options may apply.

The Link smart pet wearable, $90 (reduced from $150)

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