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The parents of this Ukrainian soccer player have escaped from Bucha. Now he is sending an ambulance for those who remain

Hong Kong (CNN)Ukrainian professional soccer player Aleks Shliakotin told his parents after the Russian bomb was 1 km away. I asked you to escape. Kiv's house.

However, they asserted that it was okay to hide in an old apartment in the lush suburbs of Bucha.

It's back in February. Four months later, many of their neighborhoods were in ruins and leveled withRussia's advance, making the brutal suburbs synonymous withwar crimesby Moscow troops. I did.

Thankfully, Shliakotin's parents were convincing, but eventually came. Escaped shortly before the first Russian tank appeared. Currently, they are waiting for refugee status in Germany and are grateful to their sons and daughters for every call. phone.

"A few days after persuading them, I watched a video of the crushed street. Everything looked terrible, like after World War II. Then I Noticed .,Hong KongPremier League Club Hong Kong Rangers Goalkeeper.

"Then the guy in the video says it's Bucha's Vokzalna Street. Literally my street where I spent my childhood, went to school and walked thousands of times. If my parents were still there, they probably wouldn't be alive. Our house was destroyed.

"A few weeks later there was a scene where people were lying hand in hand on the road. I shot their heads. It just. Can't handle. The god they left.

Dangerous Journey

Shria Kotin doesn't know what happened to her parents' apartment. 34}

It was a dangerous journey for a couple in their 60s who had to drive away because the airport was hit hard. The temperature was below zero and I didn't have any spare clothes.

The roads with Ukrainians fleeing were very crowded, some of which guided children and animals on foot. It took four days to reach the Polish border, usually eight hours.

"Sounds like a movie of some sort. On the final day, they helped bring three children from another family across the border, because in the lane behind them. Because his father couldn't leave the country, "Shriakotin said.

Soccer players are not seeking sympathy.

"The story sounds wild, but we need to understand that we are lucky. No complaints. Currently in Ukraine, if you have lost your apartment but everyone is alive (that) If), I wouldn't even open my mouth and say something bad happened, "he said.

"(Many children) live without parents. People write their phone number, surname, and date of birth on their backs in case they die the next day."

Higher Goals

What Sriakochin-the goalkeeper of the former Ukrainian Youth Team-but seeks funding to help those stuck at home increase.

And he found an amazing level of support in his hometown of Hong Kong.

Starting his football career at the famous Dynamo Kyiv Youth Academy, Shliakotin, now 32, has been a favorite of Hong Kong fans since moving to the top league in 2016.

And he found him and can take advantage of his popularity for good reason, and he receives an overwhelming response to his Instagram video post asking the Hong Kongers for help.

"I received thousands of support messages from day one," he said. He was shocked by how many people wanted to help, "he said.

His complaint helped fund nine ambulances sent to Ukraine. Those ees were paid especially by donations from Hong Kong and countless small offerings.

"There was one person who contacted me on Facebook, and Mr. Lam wrote," Hi Alex. " He sees Ukrainian news and he wants to donate $ 10,000 in Hong Kong dollars (about $ 1,300), but he wants to help certain people and families who really need it. If you know anyone, please let me know.

"I just heard from Chernihifu's mother and her two daughters, whose house was destroyed and panicked with nowhere to go. So we sent them money.

"My family was shocked. I couldn't believe this was possible. I believed that a man in Hong Kong, a place I had never heard of, would suddenly help me.

"These are the moments when I know that humanity is still alive, that is, there is still good in the world."

Team Efforts

Two close friends are helping Shliakotin's efforts.

Oresta Brit is a volunteer who has been feeding and transporting children and the elderly since Russia merged Crimea in 2014. Meanwhile, Roman Zozulya is a former Dynamo Kyiv youth teammate playing in Spain, who should repair the country's ambulance before buying, servicing or sending it to Ukraine.

Each ambulance requires a document from the Ukrainian embassy and must be registered with a specific military unit.

When these boxes are checked, "We pack humanitarian aid into the ambulance and volunteers drive them to the border before my (team) takes them to their final destination." And Shria Cotin.

Zozulya said he and Shliakotin are only part of a network of overseas Ukrainian soccer players.

"Some people are fighting on the front lines, but we have our own role as public figures," Zozriah said.

"We have this opportunity that no one else has. We can talk to the whole world and listen to a huge number of people."