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The son of TikTok star Ophelia Nichols was shot dead the day before his 19th birthday.

TikTok's star son was shot dead the day before he was 19 years old. Currently, she is begging more than 7 million followers to help find his murderer.

"Today would have been my baby's 19th birthday, but he was taken from me last night. Taken from my children, my husband and our family. "Ophelia Nichols, who posted to TikTok from @ shoelover99, said in a Saturday video. "My son was killed. He was shot."

Nichols' son, Landon Lee, was killed Friday night at a gas station in Prichard, Alabama, just south of Mobile. Was shot.

"I haven't asked everyone for anything, but I need your help for this," a follower called her Mamatot, friendly with Southern accents. Influencer Nichols, who enjoys dispatching, said. She is known to dispense from her front pouch.

Nichols, wearing a shirt with a rainbow heart and weeping, said: Someone needs to know something.

Ophelia Nichols
Facebook / Ophelia Nichols

Police have given little details about the killing, , Nichols has two potential leads, the authorities said. 

Her mother said she felt "my heart hatred that I don't recognize because she has never felt hatred for anyone." She said.

In the text embedded in her video, she wrote, "I will not stop until the murderer of her son is found and charged."

Ophelia Nichols
Facebook / Ophelia Nichols

"He's only 18 years old and that's someone's life "She added with tears to her followers. 

On her emotional plea, she held a photo of her and her son over the camera and spoke to the murderer. ... this is my son, and you took him from me.

Just before posting, Nichols, who calls his followers "Tater tots," released a video on the beach in Alabama and enjoyed the scenery before receiving the terrible news. She has three other children. Landon was her youngest.