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Tim Kaine criticizes Trump for Republican 'violent' rhetoric after Mar-a-Lago search

After the FBI raided former President Trump's Florida mansion, Trump-like Republicans called the government's motives for heightened risks "extreme and violent." I have resorted to rhetoric and claims. Virginia Democratic Senator Tim Kaine said 

Kane said Trump and sympathetic conservatives planted evidence while FBI agents searched Trump's Marr Lago mansion. I pointed out that I was suggesting without grounds. Trump and Republicans have called the investigation "aggressive" and illegal, and some have called for the FBI, now led by Trump-appointed Director Chris Wray, to be dissolved or "defunded." 

"When you see Donald Trump suggesting it, it shows he's worried about finding something out," Kane said on this week's takeout episode. "He's trying to lay the groundwork to claim it's not really his." It took place on Aug. 10, one day before Trump protesters in Washington, D.C. during the Jan. 6 Capitol riots attempted to infiltrate the FBI field office in Cincinnati. Suspect's death in armed confrontation and shootout with authorities.

Kane said Trump remains "not guilty until proven guilty" in an investigation into the handling of classified documents. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland dismissed the search warrant and under the authority of the search warrant, he released a summary of the material the FBI had removed. submitted in writing. Kane said Trump, who first revealed the raid, could have done so himself. , he whines about the FBI persecuting him," Kane said.

Asked about the sizeable number of Trump supporters who gathered near Mar-a-Lago and complained about the lack of focus on President Biden's son, Hunter Biden. Kane said the Department of Justice is actively investigating Hunter Biden's financial dealings 

"You are in power." If you are associated with someone in power, you are subject to the same laws, everyone is," he said. "And Democrats don't question it, and not all Republicans question it, but I think Donald Trump and his supporters believe that he should be under the rule of law." The reason for believing that is very troubling.”

On the political issue, Kane said he would support Biden if he ran for re-election, but uncertainty about the president's plans He said Vice President Kamala Harris would be the "frontrunner" if Mr. said it wouldn't. 

But he said it was very doubtful that 2016 vice presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would run if Biden did not run for his 2024 run.

He said,

Highlights of this week's episode:

  • Economic Impact of Inflation Control Act: "This bill is not a magic wand that you give up. Inflation will go down automatically, but there is something really very good about this bill for people's wallets. Your insulin costs will be limited to $35. If you buy prescription drugs through Medicare, your out-of-pocket costs will be limited to $2,000 annually. That's a big savings for thousands of people.. And in a few years, we'll start negotiating prices for prescription drugs under the Medicare program, which will also lower prices. …and more people will buy health insurance if it's cheaper when you make it healthier: critical areas, energy costs, prescription drugs, health It's driving down insurance costs, yes, prices, and the fact that the bill was a deficit-cutting measure will have a big impact on how inflation is dealt with in the long run."
  • IRA Renewable Energy Impact: "Since then, the United States has never had an actual offshore wind farm, and no components were manufactured in the United States. Manufacturing of the first offshore wind components is now in Virginia It's going to be in Portsmouth, we're going to bring down energy costs, but we're also creating new manufacturing jobs in Virginia and in the US that will employ a lot of people, and I'm very excited about that.
  • Killing of al-Qaeda leader al-Zawahiri: ``Al-Zawahiri's attacks fell within the confines of what Congress intended when it took action in September 2001. But the problem is that [9/11] authorization is too open-ended, so I'm currently working on three different initiatives, one being voted on in September or October. but to abolish the authorization for the war in Iraq…Iraq is now a security partner of the United States, not an enemy. should be abolished. Second, re-draft the 2001 permit to narrow it down to terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and not limit the scope, time, geography, or who is allowed to conduct military operations. … His third thing I would try is to rewrite the War Powers Act of 1974. Because the act was well-intentioned, but there were some issues that prevented any president from fully complying with it, and neither did Congress. of either party.
  • Senate vote to codify same-sex marriage: "I think we're getting close to that. You know, every Democrat can marry whoever you choose." All Democrats will vote for it, and so will some Republicans. About four or five Republicans have declared to vote. I tend to time things. If there is a vote on the table that I can still get, I don't want to call it prematurely. I think it's going to be a very illustrative poll. That if there is a vote, it shouldn't be done prematurely."

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