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"Too Much": A desperate radio chat about the horror surface of Texas immigrants

Overwhelmed police officers desperately sought help at the scene of the horror of the death truck of theimmigrants in Texas — he "To deal with it," according to Thursday's report, which said "too much body."

A disturbing request came when police officer San Antonio was using police radio while searching for a driver for a tractor trailer,San Antonio Express NewsSaid.

"There are too many bodies here," said an unidentified officer.

According to records obtained by Express-News , police initially estimated that 20 migrants died in a sultry trailer on Monday.

However, authorities later counted 48 deaths on the scene, five more later, andpushed the casualties to 53..

A police officer broadcast his explanation during a search forof driver Homero Zamorano, who was reported to have "methamphetamine very high" at the time. Express-News.

"Heavy set Hispanic man. He may be wearing a brown shirt," the police said.

Police found 48 people dead at the scene and five more would pass away later.
Photo: Jordan Vonderhaar / Getty Images
A memorial to the 53 people who died while being smuggled across the border in a truck.
Reuters / Kaley Greenley Beer

Another police officer reportedly had a driver with a tear tattoo on his face and a rabbit on his neck. He said he may have a tattoo. Like he's wearing a striped shirt.

According to a criminal accusation opened Thursday, Zamorano has a distinctive striped black shirt and hat that matches the surveillance records made at the immigration office where he allegedly passed. Identified through.

An unpleasant photo posted online on Wednesday is Zamorano leaning onon the driver's side of an 18-wheeled vehicle at a border patrol checkpoint about 120 miles south of Encinal, Texas. 51} is said to show a grin. San Antonio.

Truck driver Homero Zamorano seen at a Border Patrol checkpoint in Encinal, Texas.
El Universal

Complicity suspect Christian Martinez, 28, told authorities Zamorano According to Express-News, which said he was unaware, the trailer's air conditioning unit has ceased functioning, citing court documents filed against Martinez, who may face the death penalty. The

document contains alleged text messages between Zamorano and Martinez, including those from 6:17 pm. — Immediately after the discovery of a dead immigrant — Martinez allegedly used a code to ask Zamorano, "Where are you?"

The message said, allegedly "Wire, Bro".