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Tourist needs medical care after Bali prank gone awry

Young Australian tourist prank by vacationing in Bali.

Isaac Power shared a cheeky photo of himself drinking water from a hose held in a statue above the pool of his rented villa.

Bali A photo on his Bogans Facebook group was accompanied by another image of a Brisbane man being treated by a group of traveling doctors.

"Call Dr. Ali. He is still alive," he wrote to the group.

The self-deprecating post garnered over 1000 responses from fellow travelers who expressed sympathy, but informed Mr. Power that it was his fault.

Issac Power Dr. Ari
Bali Bogans/Facebook

Many travelers called Mr. Power a "rookie" for making a mistake About drinking water in Bali.

"Must be the first newcomer to drink Balinese water," wrote one traveler on a page for Australians traveling to Bali.

"Oh, you drank it... I think we've all been through it," commented a Melbourne resident.

"Good old Balinese belly, it's definitely a (sic) experience. That's for sure."

A Perth woman questioned whether the prank was worth the pain. I thought.

"All the fun and games until you are yourself," she wrote. After that, his son said, "I was very sick for days."

"It was sad to see," wrote a woman from Adelaide.

"Dr. (sic) said bacteria in the pool did it... After a few days our pool was green."

Commenter Many accused Power of drinking water, but many defended him.

"You live, you learn," said the Wollongong woman.

"He had fun! He'll know next time."

Another Australian tourist had another beer that night after Power received treatment.

A Brisbane man said "Dr. Ari" is a team of travel medical staff who accompany sick Balinese tourists.

Numerous posts on the Bali Bogans group praise talented doctors for treating Australians suffering from the dreaded Balinese belly.