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Kevin Durant Tracking on the Net-The Age of Kyrie Irving and How It Did Not Work

Let's take a look at the situation of Nets after Kevin DurantandKyrie Irvingsigned Nets. prize. 3 years ago:

June 30, 2019:Two stars injected into Brooklyn and a free agency (with Center and his friend DeAndre Jordan) Commit to Nets. Expecting a championship battle.

February 20, 2020:Thanks to the rehab of Achilles tendon surgery, Durant has already participated throughout the season and Irving opted for end-season shoulder surgery. increase. He has only played 20 games throughout the season.

March 7, 2020:Nets astoundingly dismissed Kenny Atkinson, along with Irving, among those who contributed to the decision. Jacque Vaughn will tentatively replace Atkinson, but after the season Nets will hire Steve Nash to coach the championship or bust team.

January 13, 2021:In a deal that spends a fortune on Nets — not only Caris LeVert and Jarrett Allen, but also three draft topics and four draft topic swaps. — Brooklyn acquired James Harden from Houston and formed the Big 3 with Durant and Irving. Harden plays mostly well, but hurts the hamstrings in the playoffs vs. Bucks, the training camp loses shape at the beginning of the next season, refuses to sign an extension, and eventually trades out from Brooklyn. I will be forced to do it.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant high-five during the first half of a game at the Amway Center.
Marty Jean-Louis / Sipa USA

June 19, 2021:After taking a 3-2 lead over Bucks in the Eastern Conference semi-finals, Nets was unable to win another playoff game during the Durant / Irving / Harden era. He lost to Round 6 at Milwaukee and to Round 7 at Barclays Center after his ankle was sprained and Harden was hindered by a hamstring injury.

Training camp, 2021:Irving refuses to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and will play in New York City during the next season I can no longer participate in. GM's Sean Marks then declares Irving to leave the team because the organization is "not looking for a half-time partner." Of course, Nets will build a cave in December, allowing Irving to return to the road game.

February 10, 2022:Nets trades Harden to Philadelphia and ends the
Big 3. Get out for the rest of the season. Simmons hasn't played the Nets game yet.

April 25, 2022:In the first round of the playoffs, the net was hit by the Celtics and the NBA's only 2021-22 season after failing to win the playoffs game. I became a team. In addition to humiliation, the Celtics are being taught by Nash's former assistant, Ime Udoka. It's even more embarrassing when the Celtics and the Warriors (former team of Irving and Durrants) meet at the NBA Finals.

The physicality that Kevin Durant (left) and Kyrie Irving faced Wednesday in Memphis is what they can also expect Saturday in Miami.
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May 11, 2022:Season-Marks, in the end, wants Nets to "become part of something bigger than himself, play selflessly, play team basketball, and be available." It states. Marks adds, "It applies not only to Killy, but to everyone else," but it's clear that it's primarily aimed at Irving and his potential free agency.

Monday:Irving has been given permission to ask for sign-and-trade, butis unable to find a suitable one due to the lack of interest in the league as a whole. He chooses to opt in until the final season of the contractas he doesn't have to compromise his salary.

Thursday:Durant demands a deal from Brooklyn, but he ends his tenure here as Nets plans to move him (" Probably the same for Irving).