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Transgender and non-binary players can choose a male or female team, says the German FA

(Reuters)Transgender and non-binary soccer players can be either men's or women's teams without being tied to personal identification. Now you can decide for yourself whether to play According to the data, the GermanSoccerAssociation (DFB) said Thursday.

The ruling is included in the amateur DFB match rules, junior rules and futsal rulebook.

"The core of this ruling is that players with" diverse "or" no reference "individual (gender) status and players who change gender can decide for themselves whether to issue qualifications. Thing. Playing in a men's or women's team. "

"This also applies to transgender soccer players. Transgender soccer players can change (teams) or stay with the team they were playing at the moment they decide.

According to the DFB, it has been stated in personal identification documents to determine the qualifications of junior level and above soccer players and whether to play for men's or women's teams. It was gender.

However, starting in 2018, in addition to "female" and "male", there is also an option to select the "diversified" and "no reference" checkboxes in the gender section of the personal identification document. I have. In German.

"Since 2018, the number of people with that status is increasing because it is possible to register as'diversified'in citizen registration," DFB said.

"This also affects people who play football, where the need for clear rules is more important."

So far, in Germany, there is diversity, Or there was no specific ruling against a soccer player who identified it without a reference.

DFB has more than 7 million registered members and more than 24,000 football clubs.

There are no universal rules for sports for transgender or non-binary athletes to participate. Even at the elite level, the International Olympic Committee leaves each sports federation to decide the rules.

Last week, FINA , the world governing body for swimming, restricted women's participation in the competition of transgender competitors, a move that LGBT advocates widely oppose. Resolved to establish an "open" category.

FINA decisions are the most stringent by Olympic sports organizations, and only if male-to-female transgender athletes have not experienced part of male adolescence. He states that he is eligible to participate in the competition.