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Trey Gowdy celebrates the first anniversary of "Sunday Night in America" with a powerful message to its viewers

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"Sunday Nightin America" ​​Host Trey Gowdy marks the first anniversary of a popular weekend show with a message of hope and lets viewers "use what's left". I urged. Today and tomorrow " Create a future full of" happiness with less regret ".

TREY GOWDY:Looking back is educational, therapeutic, stimulating, gratitude and empathy, and wise Will be. We have been here for a year on Sunday night. And much has happened in our country and around the world. Withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan , Death of American soldiers ... WeWitnessedWar in Ukraine , Threat to democracy, mixed message from parts of the country  Whether to support democracy or a brutal dictator. Gas prices, inflation, we have seen crime increase as our confidence in the direction of declines ..

Still, looking back over the last decade, and even the past , the situation for looks different in the United States. In part, is easier to confirm that has occurred than to predict that will occur. There is a real uncertainty there. It is one of the great dualisms of life . Looking back at one thing that  can't change, spends less than one thing that can be changed, that is, the time left for today and tomorrow. 

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So where do you personally want to go in ? As a community? As a state? As a country? Have you ever been tired of the constant negativity of  ? Good cop and good The story of the prosecutor Where is it? Where is the act of kindness of  ? We see crime How good is America? I wonder why the most noisy voice in politics voiceis the voice of all the attention mosquito? 

Looking back, that's why we say after wisdom is 2020. But that's the only thing we can't change . How good is the vision of of next year, next month, and next day? When looking back on tomorrow , we are proud of , and with the full knowledge of we did our best, how much time will we spend making ? mosquito. Indeed, is it a memory filled with less regret and more happiness? People sometimes ask me when things change. When you request it. And when we bring about that change. Waiting for others has not proven to be beneficial in many  points. Next year, we should think about any change we want. Today and the rest of really seem like a good time and place to get started.  

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