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Cuomo's daughter trooper enthusiast said he was 'voluntarily told' to leave

State Trooper Dane Pfeiffer never thought of moving to North County after getting hot and heavy with Carla Kennedy Cuomo in the spring of 2020, state probe says told an officer – the daughter of the governor at the time. Andrew Cuomo - when he was on guard duty for the governor.

"On paper I volunteered, but no, I don't want to go there, never again," Pfeiffer said of the Plattsburgh Barracks,The 32-page report said It was announced by State Inspector General Lucy Lang on Friday.

The report confirmedan earlier report from The Post, adding that Mr. Pfeiffer "volunteered to ask for a transfer from Cuomo's security personnel." He added that it took him two hours to commute because he was “caught”. from his new workplace.

New York State Trooper Dane Pfeiffer
New York State Police Dane Pfeiffer said he "volunteered on paper" but didn't want the transfer.

State Police Superintendent Kevin Bruen, then serving as First Deputy Superintendent, told investigators Pfeiffer: And I gave him a break.

That "break" would allow Bruen to request a transfer to a location of Pfeiffer's choice, rather than unilaterally dispatch him to Buffalo, about 300 miles away. It was brought in the form of

However, reports indicate that the Trooper's initial choice was too close to the executive's mansion, given the comfort of the upper echelons.

On May 24, 2020, Mr. Pfeiffer recalled receiving a call from the head of the governor's protective services division at the time, saying he was "expected" to be asked to move out of the Albany area.

Pfeiffer formally requested a transfer to Plattsburgh, but recalled to investigators that the experience had cost him "a pretty big loss."

The experience included being "disrespected" by a fellow trooper who had arrived two days earlier for making a "coerced statement" about his relationship with the governor's daughter. — even though Pfeiffer was unarmed and wearing shorts.

When Pfeiffer arrived at division headquarters in the Albany area on May 22, 2020, police were largely unsure of Pfeiffer's motives. shorts.

New York State Trooper Dane Pfeiffer.

You have a trooper with a gun. There are troopers who fear they will lose their jobs. he could ruined his career. what's going on in his head? how will he react? '” another trooper later explained to IG investigators.

Pfeiffer told internal investigators that he "didn't develop relationships while on the job," and explicitly told state police that members had sexual relations with people they protected. They claim they have done nothing wrong, as they have no policy against it.