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Trump's attorney denounces Merrick Garland's press conference on FBI investigation into Mar-a-Lago: 'pathetic presser'

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Former President Donald Trump's Attorney Christina Bob said her FBI on "Ingraham Angle" Trump's Mara on her Lago Mansion Search of her Attorney General Merrick Garland I responded to the press conference.

Christina Bob: This is how the Democrats do it. There is no good reason for doing what they did. Merrick Garland The pathetic presser he held for three minutes wasn't enough, so they had to create fear. Usually they have to clarify and explain themselves exactly what happened and why. They are not on solid ground. 

Attorney General Garland 'Shepherding' Trump investigation 'crazy', 'unprecedented': Clay Travis 

So they had to come up with something that would terrorize the American people into giving up their constitutional liberties at will. If you're on the brink of nuclear war and you're abandoning the nuclear code, violating the president's constitutional rights might be acceptable. it was not accepted. They're trying to find reasons to make it sound right and sound fine.because there is no real justification for for doing what they did.


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