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Trump posts campaign ad-style video on Truth Social after FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

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Former President Donald Trump posted a campaign ad-style video on his platform Truth Social early Tuesday morning. This was hours after his Mar-a-Lago mansion was raided by his FBI agents in Palm. Beach, Florida. 

This 3 minute 50 second video of him was uploaded after federal agents executed a search warrant in Marr his Lago. Multiple sources say the FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid is linked to materials Trump allegedly brought into his private residence after completing his presidency. The matter was referred to the Department of Justice by the National Archives and Records Administration, which said classified material was found in 15 boxes in his residence. 

The video begins with Trump describing America as a "declining country" and discussing a myriad of issues, from the impact of the withdrawal of Afghanistan to soaring energy prices. to start. It opens in black and white with the sound of an eerie thunderstorm in the background.

Trump's video on Truth Social was posted in the wake of the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.

Truth Social's Trump videos are being investigated by the FBI Posted Mar-a-Lago.

"We are the country that allowed Russia to ravage our country, Ukraine, and kill hundreds of thousands of people, and it will only get worse," Trump said. “We are the country that has weaponized law enforcement against enemy political parties more than ever before.”

Trump, by FBI Agent

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"We will allow Iran to build a massive nuclear arsenal and China will use the trillions of dollars stolen from the United States to It's a country that allows it to build an army to match its own," Trump laments in the video. "We are a nation that has been neither respected nor listened to in the world for the last two years."

Donald Trump appears in a new campaign-style ad posted to his Truth Social account hours after the FBI raided his private Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

Donald Trump appears in new campaign-style ad Hours after the FBI raided private property in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, his Truth Social account (Donald Trump/Truth Social)

Trump says Americans have become "a joke" in many ways. The video takes a more uplifting turn as it goes from black and white to color. Trump says it's "hard-working patriots" who will save America.

"There's no mountain you can't climb, no peak you can't reach, no challenge you can't reach," says the former president as the swelling orchestral music plays behind him. "Don't give in, don't bend, don't give in."

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We "We don't have the slightest chance in the fight because we are Americans and Americans will kneel to God and God alone," Trump urges viewers.

The video concludes with the following quote:

This emotional video is just the latest of the many presidential campaign tips the former president has teased in recent months. Eric mentioned on Monday night's "Hannity" that his father will be running for office in 2024.


FIRST TIME – HIM AGAIN I hope you can come out and beat these guys," Eric Trump told Sean Hannity. "Honestly, this country can't live with this nonsense.