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Trump's "fear factor" is showing signs of decline as a hopeful jockey of the Republican Party in 2024


Donald Trumpruns for president again, he will probably be a candidate for the party. However, it looks like a large number of GOP candidates are ready to take on him. This is a sign that he has lost some of his advantage in the Republican circle.

Just this week, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem launched a commercialaimed at introducing her to her national audience. Nikki Haley, a former UN ambassador to Trump, publicly highlighted the possibility of a presidential bid in the early days of Iowa on Thursday. And Mike Pompeo, the former Secretary of State of Trump, began targeting evangelical voters in Iowa and South Carolina with a newadon the Supreme Court and religious freedom.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Mike Pence, Trump's divorced 2020 running mate, positioned himself as , while Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas {98. }Frequent visitors to Iowa and New Hampshire (another early voting state) .

For months, consultants like Bob Vanderplatz of Iowa and grassroots conservatives believed that many Republicans were testing their bodies of water in a less serious way. Now they think Trump faces a real primary.

"The best way I can say is if there is a candidate Trump, and many of us respect his actions as president. Many people say we are endless. I'm afraid it will end in a discussion. A discussion about past and future progress. " Vander Praz talked about what he heard "in the field" in the state of the country's first caucuses.

"Instead of [President Joe] Biden's record and five gallons of gas, a hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, and contempt on the world stage, it will discuss Trump," he said. Added. It will be January 6th. It will be the 2020 election. It doesn't. Let's move forward. Think about them. And we win. That is what motivates many people.

Vanderplatz and 12 other national and early Republican insiders recently spoke to NBC News as the House Committee investigating the January 6 riots made a series of revelations. , States that the feeling of fatigue is becoming clearer. Public inquiry. Although many Republicans have not monitored it and are unlikely to believe the results, hearings are still creating unwelcome pressure,some megadonors . Is anonymous, but

, but January 6th is just one factor in the joke to take on the undisputed leader of the Republican Party, sources said. The end of the midterm election cycle; hope Trump will never run again; he could be prosecuted on January 6th or as a result of his effort overthrow. The result of some belief elections will be Georgia. Trump isn't that great after Republican voters refuse. Edited Georgia and his well-known approved candidates in other major races. And Pence's decision to go against Trump on January 6th and appear ready to confront him.

"For many consultants and some politicians who were otherwise worried about crossing him, the fear factor is gone," he still hopes to cross Trump publicly. First, a top Republican consultant who spoke conditionally said. Of anonymity.

Trump's political activities listen to whispers and monitor his potential enemies, and they say the former president is ready to take on all visitors.

"My belief is that they will all run. The main reason they are running is the fact that if Mike Pence can run, we can all run. Is based on, "said Trump's pollster. "What is the loyalty argument if your vice president is against you for the president?"

For every hit Trump received, Fabrizio said in his poll. And public opinion shows that his favor is still high among Republican voters. One of the Republican's major votes in 2024 in a crowded field survey, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis often lags behind with double-digit numbers.

However, while DeSantis has consistently approached Trump in these investigations, everyone else is plagued by single-digit numbers. The Governor of Florida also won some important conservativeStraw pollsand, surprisingly, in the United States' first recent Republican poll in New Hampshire, Trump's. Slightly above. Primary state.

Of all the Republicans who could run in 2024, DeSantis and his team most deny rumors. In addition, the governor has not traveled frequently to the state of early voting, and South Carolina fundraiser and April {53, which took his place in May. } I just went to the event. 56}  For Adam Laxalt, a US Senator candidate who was a roommate at DeSantis at the Naval Justice School in Nevada.

DeSantis adviser David Abrams said speculation about the governor's position as president was "comically wrong."

DeSantis has raised $ 124 million in war chests for his reelection campaign. Meanwhile, Trump, who started this year, had $ 122 millions of cash on hand across the Political Action Committee. He has seen his former investigation with a degree of indignation and tension, he recently told the former president, but one Republican who does not want to publicly explain his personal conversation said. I did.

"It would be a lie to say he didn't see DeSantis, and it could be a big reason for DeSantis to announce Trump early in," the Republicans said. Said. "Don't get me wrong. If Ron thinks he can beat Trump, he's wrong."

New Hampshire veteran presidential campaign consultant Dave Kearney said the potential candidate is Granite. He said he wasn't surprised that there was speculation about flocking to or challenging Trump. He said one factor that fueled Trump and other Republicans was Biden's low approval rate and the belief that it was the "façade" that the president claimed to run again.

"If Biden resigns, Trump will have a little less incentive to do," he said. "But Democrats will have Donnie Brook on their side. It's good for us anyway."

In South Carolina, longtime Republican strategist Wesley. Donehue said he believes that all possible Republican candidates are currently running a "just in case" presidential campaign, hoping that Trump will not run. He said there was nothing better than Trump, especially in South Carolina, except DeSantis.

"Haley doesn't have a shot here against Donald Trump or DeSantis, and she was governor," said Donald Hugh.

Haley, who lost her position as a Republican after criticizing Trump after the January 6 riots, gave Trump in his speech at the Iowa Republican Lincoln Day Dinner last week. Praised. She suggested not to stand up to Trump.

Pompeo, another Trump appointed joking for the president's bid, is more direct to entertaining the challenge,CBS News Major Garrett {77 I told him last week that Trump's decision wouldn't affect him.

"I'm convinced that it's unpleasant in a way," Pompeo said, saying he was once considered Trump's most loyal minister. "I think it's a little offensive to him. We worked very closely."

Nome's adviser doesn't say if she opposes Trump, but her new The launched TV ad also said it was targeting early Republican voters on digital media.

"We are just getting started," said an advisor who did not have the authority to speak on record.

Iowa-born Supreme Presidential Consultant David Kochel is a potential candidate not to start "loading messages, meeting early state people, building financial networks." Said that there was only a downside.

At the same time, he said, "there is a growing sense that more people are fed up with chaos and drama" surrounding Trump.

Another presidential veteran and former top operative of the US Chamber of Commerce, Scott Reed, said: For a while. There is a feeling that Trump is declining. He feels tired. People are exhausted.

However, Trump pollster Fabrizio said that the data is not just that Trump is in a strong position, but that more candidates have a big influence on his hardcore supporter base. He said it only increases the likelihood of having.

"When you're at the top of a mountain, every small rockslide looks like an avalanche, but it's not," Fabrizio said. "The best thing that can happen to Donald Trump is that all these people run. Victory only looks big when the field is big."