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Trump shares responsibility for Democratic miserable "success"

Wasteful Spending and Insulting We Blame President Joe Biden for the Name of the $750 Billion “Inflation Reduction Act” can do.

We can blame Virginia Senator Joe Manchinfor claiming to vote against this bill. .. until he stopped.

But Republicans should also look to Bedminster, the summer residence of the party's chief saboteur.

This farce is also at the feet of Donald Trump.

Since Election Day 2020, the Senate has had his 50 Republicans and his 48 Democrats. Both seats in Georgia are undecided and headed for a runoff election. Trump should have rallying voters. Instead, he was obsessed with his own loss, falsely claiming the election was stolen.

When Trump has not demoralized conservative voters, he has undermined members of his own party. In December 2020, Congress was making moves to send his $600 COVID stimulus checks to Americans. Democrats wanted to raise the amount to $2,000. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is right to say that's too much and that it will drive inflation.

Trump sided with Democrats: "Unless Republicans have a dying wish, which is also correct, they must approve the $2000 payment ASAP," he tweeted.

On December 27, 2020, the newspaper urged Trump to stop trying to overturn the election and instead look to his impressive legacy. did.

Sen. Joe Manchin took back his promise for voting against the Inflation Reduction Act by casting his ballot for it instead.
© Bill Clark/Congressional Quarterly via ZUMA Press

If you win, Biden will do you “The Republican Senate can put pressure on Biden to go back to the old failed Iran deal,” we wrote. We can stop him from opening up the southern border...

"This time we are under the control of our nemesis: Nancy Pelosi in the House, Chuck Schumer in the Senate, and Biden in the White House. Just imagine a government with a slump: How high will your taxes go?How many of your initiatives will be strangled?" He held a last-minute rally in Georgia to urge Republicans across the country to illegally overturn the election. Democrats John Ossoff and Raphael Warnock won Senate seats.

It was downhill from there. Trump's bitter crusade culminated in the Jan. 6 riots. As McConnell warned, the Democrats quickly took power and spent $1.9 billion on "stimulus" to boost inflation.

It offers billions of dollars to manufacturing donors to recoup some of Trump's tax cuts. why? Because Trump gave them the Senate majority.

Unfortunately, he does it again. The public has turned its back on the Democrats, but the Republicans still cannot win back the Senate as the pro-Trump candidate lags behind their Democratic rivals. No. Trump, meanwhile, is showing all signs that he plans to run again, even though polls show his retaliation campaign falls short. Biden too.

This reckless law aside, the country continues to be plagued by her 9% inflation, dangerously open southern border, and soaring crime.

Trump would try to shift the blame, but Republicans could get in the way of all this if he put his party before his grievances.

We live the consequences.