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Mr. Trump told his allies that he could announce a presidential bid for 2024 early.

Post-testing Trump faces potential legal risks

Former President Donald Trump recently told allies and aides that he is seriously considering announcing the 2024 presidential election as early as this summer, CBS News learned. ..

The latest investigation into Trump's political resurgence and the possibility of another summer announcement of the presidential election was first reportedNew York Times 

His deliberations remain in flux until Trump's approach and implementation in 2024. According to three people near Trump who requested anonymity to share the details of their private conversation, no final decision has been made as to whether or not to do so and when to start such a bid. ..

Still, Trump and the former White House Republican allies and campaign aides can get early entry into another White House bid for Trump. I tell CBS News that I believe it is. The former president left his home in Marago, Florida last month due to a seasonal relocation to his club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

A few people who recently talked to Trump told CBS News that Trump and a small group of his closest advisors, Trump in 2024, both this summer and after this year's midterm elections. He says he is planning different ways to announce his campaign. .. Traditionally, presidential candidates of major political parties wait until the fall elections are over before entering presidential campaign mode. The early pre-election Trump launch in November could overturn the campaign strategies of both parties. 

Republicans planned to focus on economic issues, especially high inflation, which is putting financial pressure on families across the country. Trump's early entry into the presidential election could force candidates to focus on election fraud instead. Some Republican operatives are also worried that pre-mid-term entry will help Democrats build the 2022 cycle into a reference to Trump.

However, some Trump associates are skeptical that the former president will officially announce his candidacy within the next few months. A former senior campaigner said he believed it was happening only if Trump got off the escalator at the Trump Tower in New York again,of his 2016 presidential campaign. Recalling the start 

Others near Trump were televisedHouse January 6th Committee HearingHe says his anger at fuels his motivation to run again and potentially announce soon. Some people near Trump said he felt he wasn't well protected by Republicans and believed he was the only one in the best position to protect himself.  

During ainterview with Newsmax last week, Trump said how much of the January 6 committee minutes "run again in 2024". I was asked about "preventing". 

"I think there are many," Trump replied. "I'm in control of all polls — to Republicans and Democrats. I'm in control of a number of Republican polls I've never seen before. 

"At the right time, I'm saying what I want to do," Trump said of the possibility of an announcement in 2024.

At this mid-cycle-wide rally, Trump sometimes became more than tinkering with another run for the White House.

"This year is the year we are regaining our home, we are going to get our Senate back, we are going to get America back, and in 2024, most importantly, we are the magnificent White House. I'm going to get it back. " Both candidates wonin their respective primary races on Tuesday. 


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