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While Biden Temporarily Breaks Through, Trump Issues Could Still Backfire on His Critics

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Is this news really bad for Donald Trump?

Well, mostly. But he has two main reasons why the Maralago turmoil will give him a political boost.

First, the bad news. The former president went from saying he was cooperating with investigators to not disputing that he did not return all the documents subpoenaed. From calling the Washington Post article that nuclear secrecy was involved a hoax, to not denying it, to saying Barack Obama did something similar (the National Archives says all presidents (This has been withdrawn because it maintains the records of 

Casting Trump's claim that he declassified all documents he took to Florida (John Bolton and others have never heard of such a process). ), the FBI "stole" his passport (which the government denies), and there's been a lot of backtracking going on. It was a very short journey from 'nothing happened' to 'so what happened'.

Trump accuses FBI of court-approved Mar-a-Lago raid and Garland's gross wrongdoing 

Former President Donald Trump in New York City following the FBI raid at his Mar-a-Lago home. 

Former President Donald Trump said the FBI conducted a raid on his home in March. After that, in New York City at the A-Lago home.  (Felipe Ramares / Fox News Digital)

and his chief ally Rudy Giuliani,Georgia I have just been notified that I am being targeted by a criminal investigation that is also focused on Trump. The former US attorney who testifies today knows he has a problem.

I know no one is following the confusing details, and Trump's opponents in the media and politics have gone down this road many times. The Organization's former chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, intended to turn on his former boss, except he didn't flip out.

Potential Benefits of the Search First, Merrick Garland's four-day silence fueled a backlash that turned Trump into a martyr. With Republican supporters outraged by the tactic, the 45th president continues to describe "raids" and "invasions" that were in fact legal under court-approved warrants, thus criticizing Republicans. It looks like you're asking for a nomination.

Attorney General Merrick Garland speaks during a news conference, Monday, June 13, 2022, at the Department of Justice in Washington. On Tuesday, Garland talked about the crime wave gripping parts of the country. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland said at a press conference Monday I will speak at the Department of Justice in Washington on June 13, 2022. On Tuesday, Garland spoke about the crime wave gripping parts of the country.  (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Media reports Garland agonized for weeks about giving the green light to the search, according to The Attorney General. Unlike, he's not a Street Fighter.

A second reason is that Garland may well not have gathered enough evidence to file criminal charges. He never prosecutes only record keeping. January 6 or compromised nuclear secrets must have been involved. We have no way of knowing, but without prosecution Trump is just making up the whole thing.

Here's the final twist. The former president recently told Fox News Digital that the temperature in America "must be brought down...  

." There is such a great rage that I have never seen before… If there is anything we can do, I and my people will gladly do it."

Here he is: I think there are two possibilities. One is the rising level of threats and violence, such as the killing of an armed assailantat the FBI's Cincinnati office,and a man who committed suicide after crashing into the Capitol barrier. 

If so, Trump is likely to do what he did after Charlottesville - making a toned-down statement at the urging of his team. After reading, the president quickly reverted to his "very nice people" attitude the next time he looked at the press.

Then-President Donald Trump outside the White House in 2020.

Then-President Donald Trump outside the White House in 2020.(AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)

Why Biden's winning hand came too late for 2024 outlook

Trump may also be worried about being blamed if more violence occurs. We also want to be able to point to this statement even if Trump returns to his hardened state. Rhetoric about being persecuted as if this were a third world country.

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ONE One thing is clear. The media love this return to a Trump-ruled world. 

When President Biden signed the important bill last week, the cable news network said as soon as Biden stopped speaking, he said, "Donald his Trump begging Fifth," etc. I ran a news bulletin. 


Yesterday, When the president signed the party policyinto the Climate/Healthcare/Corporate Tax bill, MSNBC and Fox actually created additional segments on legislation, each with an administrative guest, but CNN quickly pivoted to Trump soap operas. MSNBC "returned to regularly scheduled shows" within 20 minutes while Fox clung to the effects of the Settlement Act: Trump.

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