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UK skydiver goes viral for landing on an inflatable unicorn: ‘I’m coming for ya!’

He not only found a unicorn — he landed on it from high in the sky.

A UK skydiving instructor is going viral for nailing a seemingly impossible land — gliding down from the sky to ride an inflatable unicorn pool toy.

Jan Zackl, 32, perfectly hit his target during a recent skydiving competition in Nottinghamshire — the first out of many daredevils who have tried it.

“I’m coming for ya!” Zackl shouted gleefully as he skimmed through the air at high speed before smoothly landing on the unicorn which then slid to a stop on a slip-and-slide runway.

“I’m not gonna lie, this feels pretty damn good!” Zackl wrote on Facebook alongside the now-viral clip of his fairytale landing.

“Sometimes life just gives you slip’n’slides and unicorns! “

He later told The Times of London that it was his second attempt at the stunt — after the first “didn’t quite go to plan.”

Still, he was the only jumper to successfully land the stunt, which “was only open to people who had done at least 200 jumps previously,” his colleague, Hannah Parker, told the UK paper.

“It goes very fast and takes a lot of accuracy. It is safe and it’s just a more slippery landing,” said Parker, a record-breaking professional skydiver.

Zackl has been practicing his craft by jumping out of planes for seven years.

“The first time you jump out of a plane, the feeling of falling through the air is brilliant, but you do become used to it. For me landing at speed is the top thing I like to do, that’s the fun part,” he told the UK Times.

His posts did not reveal exactly how high he jumped from, but jumpers at Skydive Langar, which held the event, often leap from 14,000 feet.