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Ukrainian cyber chief visits 'black hat' hacker conference in Las Vegas

After a two-day trip from Kyiv to Las Vegas casinos, a top Ukrainian cyber official addresses a room full of security experts at a hacker conference Did.

Victor Zola, Deputy Director General of the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine, said at a so-called Black Hat conference on Wednesday that during an unannounced visit, the number of cyber incidents that hit Ukraine was about the same as the number since the Russian invasion. On the moon he said he tripled. His country in late February.

"This is probably the biggest challenge for the world since World War II, and it continues to be something completely new in cyberspace," he told the audience at the annual conference. I was.

Ukraine faced a number of "major incidents" in cyberspace from late March to early April, he said, Mr Zhora said. Among them was the discovery of the "Industroyer2" malware, which could manipulate power company equipment and control the power company. power flow.

Russian hackers also hit Ukraine at the start of the war with a cyberattack that brought down satellite Internet services in the region.

Since the beginning of the year, Ukraine has detected more than 1,600 "serious cyber incidents," he said, Zhora said.

Zhora said in an interview with Reuters that Microsoft, Amazon and Google are using pro bono cloud his computing services as the Ukrainian government escapes destruction by Russian bombs and missiles and moves data out of the country. said to have provided

Ukrainian data Some of his archives are held in data centers that span "several [European] countries," he added without elaborating.

Zhora said his trip to Las Vegas took him two days. He traveled to his neighboring country of Poland for an overnight stay before flying to the United States.

Mr. Zhora said that Black He Hat Conference is held in vast Mandalay He Bay Casino Slots He does not waste time on machines. ."