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Bobby Klimo's uncle said his nephew showed no signs of violence: Report

Robert "Bobby" Climo III's uncle, interested in the July 4th parade shootings at Highland Park, said his 22-year-old nephew Will carry out such a genocide.

"There were no signs of letting him do this," Paul Klimosaid in an interview on Monday night after his nephew was detained in connection with the shooting. I told.

Robert Klimo was described as a recluse by his uncle, neighbors, ex-classmates, and others who knew him.

Police said at a press conference announcing the arrest that Robert Klimo was believed to be responsible for the hail of the bullets that rang during the parade on July 4th each year.

However, according to CNN, Paul Klimo said he had never seen his nephew commit violence or exhibit about his actions.

"I can't say anything wrong about him," he told the outlet.

However, he states: "He's a quiet child. He's usually alone. He's a lonely and quiet person. He's all to himself.

Bobby Crimo was described as a recluse by people who knew him.
Robert Crimo via Reuters

He spends a lot of time on YouTube, but I think he had a job.

"I go out with him, but I don't really like to get involved with him. I say hello and then when I leave I say goodbye. That's it," he told CNN.

Knowing Robert since he was born, his father Robert Climo Jr. and his brother's uncle were interviewed by authorities on Monday, and his brother sent his house to police on CNN. He said he allowed him to search.

"We are good people here and having this is devastating," said Paul Climo. "I am traumatized by all the families who lost their lives." 

At least six people were killed in Highland Park by the shooter.
AFP via Getty Images

Robert Crimo's former classmate Mark Heymann, 22,was a rapper who released music to NBCwhile attending school together at Highland Park High. Other than that, he said he couldn't explain much about the suspicious shooter.

"He always seemed a little off, but I can't explain more," Hayman said.

Crimo went under the nickname "Awake the Rapper" and posted a number of songs on Spotify. He also reported thathad a disturbing social media history. Her neighbor, when

spoke to The Daily Beast, said she said Kurimo would run around loud heavy metal on her electric bike.

 "We don't really know him, but we see him running around the neighborhood," she told the outlet. "There was no interaction with him other than seeing him running around."

Both his uncle and his neighbor said that Kurimo's family was deeply rooted in the community. rice field. Robert Climo Jr. ran for Mayor of Highland Park in 2019 but failed.

In nearby Highwood, where the Tribune was thought to be inhabited by the authorities, another neighbor didn't know the Tribune, but would see him ride the electric scooter the most. On the day I said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

"He was quiet," Geomontenegro, whose brother went to school with Klimo, told the newspaper. "I didn't say anything. Take care of his work and put his loud music on his scooter."