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U.S. flight cancellations soar ahead of the July 4th weekend

As the airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration sparred about who to blame, as they approached their July 4 weekend travel plans, they would fly on Sunday. Cancellations surged and dark clouds were thrown.

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According to Baltimore / Washington International Airport, at least 671 flights were canceled in the United States and abroad by early Sunday afternoon. Where Southwest has a hub, 10% of all flights were canceled on Sunday. About 4% of flights from LaGuardia Airport were similarly nicked.

An estimated 3.5 million Americans are expected to fly by air over the upcoming holiday weekend. This is one of the busiestof the year, according to the AAA Automobile Association.

Nonprofits are planning a record 42 million Americans to make a road trip on July 4, despite soaring gasoline prices, partly due to recent airport turmoil. I said there is. 

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Busy Juneteenth and Father's Day weekend air travelearlier this month due to thousands of flight delays and cancellationsI was hindered.

Similar problems disrupted air traffic during Memorial Day weekend and winter vacation .

To make matters worse, the average price of plane tickets is now $ 201, up 14% from last year, AAA said.

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FAA and major US airlines point their fingers at each The price is high because of it, for others over, the ongoing travel turmoil.

The airline is competing for a shortage of pilots, flight attendants and other key staff following a wave of layoffs and resignations during the COVID-19 pandemic . I said there is.

Airlines for America, which represents major airlines such as Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines, is also experiencing delays and cancellations due to a shortage of FAA air traffic controllers. It states.

However, the FAA denied the shortage of air traffic controllers and questioned the airline's staffing crisis allegations.

"People expect to buy a ticket and get it where they need it, safely, efficiently, reliably and affordably," CNBC said. "After receiving a $ 54 billion pandemic bailout to save airlines from mass dismissals and bankruptcies, Americans deserve their expectations."