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U.S. Supreme Court plans to "stay in Mexico" in favor of Byden in bids to end Trump

The U.S. Supreme Court has ended a hard-line immigration policy that forced tens of thousands of immigrants to stay under its predecessor Donald Trump. He supported President Joe Biden, who was trying to make him. Wait for a US hearing on their allegations of asylum in Mexico.

A federal urging Biden to resume Trump's "stay in Mexico" policy after Republican-led Texas and Missouri proceedings in a 5-4 decision by Judge John Roberts. Overturned the Court of Appeals decision. To maintain the program. The ruling is Biden's victory over the lower court's ruling and his plan to implement a more "humane" approach at the southern border.

The Trump administration changed long-standing US practices by officially adopting a policy called the "Immigration Protection Protocol" in 2018 in response to the growing number of immigrants along the US-Mexico border. I did. It prevented certain non-Mexico immigrants, including asylum seekers fearing persecution in their home countries, from being released to the United States to wait for immigration procedures and instead returning them to Mexico.

Biden acted to suspend the "stay in Mexico" policy in January 2021 shortly after his inauguration and withdraw it five months later. From the time it came into effect in 2019 until Biden's suspension, about 68,000 people fell under this policy.

The problem in this case was the immigration provisions of 1996, when U.S. authorities "returned certain immigrants to Mexican territory until immigration proceedings took place. There is a possibility of doing it. " Texas and Missouri state that the United States does not have space for immigrants and should use this provision.

The Biden administration is clearly discretionary in this provision, and the lower court's ruling states that "all uninterrupted presidential administrations over the past quarter century have openly violated the law." Said to mean.

The pre-Trump administration used this clause sparingly.

The Biden administration said the lower courts unacceptably obstructed the historically broad authority that the US president had on immigration and diplomacy.

If immigrants do not pose a safety risk, immigration law allows individual release to the United States for humanitarian reasons or for "significant public interest" until the hearing.

Biden's fellow Democrats and migrant advocates have criticized Trump's policies for kidnapping and other dangers for migrants stuck in the Mexican border city.

The number of immigrants captured across the US-Mexico border has recently reached record highs. Republicans have criticized Biden's immigration policy, claiming that the "stay in Mexico" policy effectively prevented illegal immigrants.

In August last year, the Supreme Court demanded the Biden administration to block the decision during an appeal after a judge ruled in favor of Texas and Missouri and revived the program. I refused.

The New Orleans-based 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals "stays in Mexico" in December because the government does not have the ability to detain all immigrants eligible for entry until a hearing. I decided that I had to keep things up. The

decision was issued on the final day of the court's current nine-month term.