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Yuvarde a month later: The father of a daughter who was killed in a mass shooting says her family is strong and is trying to overcome it.

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In a town in southern Texas with about 15,000 people, banners and restaurant signs say "Uvalde is strong" and "Pray for Uvalde."

A month ago, on May 24,gunmen shot and killed 19 children and two teachersat Rob Elementary School in Uvalde.

The monument on the town square grows day by day with the constant flow of flowers, stuffed animals and people dropping cards.

One of the victims' father says he spends every day in her daughter's bedroom and talks to her.

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"I still have her Talk to her as if you were there, and it helps. That's true, "said Javier Casares, the father of Jacklin Casares, or" Jackie, "who most know her. rice field. "I say good morning and good night, that is, in my heart she is still there."

Jacklyn Cazares, or "Jackie," as most people knew her, was a student at Robb Elementary School. She died in the May 24 mass shooting. 

Jacklin Casares, or "Jackie", most of whom knew her and were a student at Rob Elementary School did. She died in a mass shooting on May 24th.  (Ashley Soriano / Fox News)

9-year-old Jackie was a student at Rob Elementary.

She was in her class the day the shooter shot the school.

June 10th was Jackie's 10th birthday.

"A smart girl. She's fine. She's a little better," said Javier Casares. "If she can help someone, she will carry a shirt on her back."

She also loves Jackie to sing and dance, and she has a big dream for the future. Had

"Man, you know, she loved animals. She wanted to be a veterinarian," Kazareth said. "And one of her dreams was to go to Paris, so that's what we want to do. In her spirit, in honor of her."

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It's a tough road.

"When we go back and look at the photos and videos, it makes us happy," Kazareth added. "Then you may get a small punch in your chest. You have to cry."

But Casares says he and his family are fighting for healing every day.

"Wouldn't be the case if she had cancer or something, I knew she might someday pass by, but this is what she really is from us It was the way they were taken away. It's a different story, and it hurts more, "Cazares said. "But we are strong and trying to get over it. And this will be very difficult, and we can't say we're going to hold our breath. We can't. But Our baby is gone. ""

Visitors from McAllen, Texas, left a sign at the town square memorial in Uvalde. It says, "Dear children of the world, it's not supposed to be this way." 

Visitors from McAllen, Texas, are monuments to the town square of Uvalde. It says, "To the children of the world, this should not be the case."  (Ashley Soriano / Fox News)

The family liked to paint the rocks together and hide them like a scavenger hunt.

They continue to keep the tradition, but now leave rocks in Jackie's graveyard.

Kazareth's other daughter, Jazzmin, is aup-and-coming senior in high schooland has begun to talk more publicly about the incident.

She spoke at a city council meeting on Tuesday night, and the mayor and council rejected Pete Aledondo's vacation request.

Arredondo was responsible forat school on May 24th. He was elected to the city council within three weeks of the shooting and was put on administrative leave by the school district police. Chief position on Wednesday night.

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At a council meeting, Jazzmin Casares said of Aledondo: Stated. I did nothing to protect my sister, my cousin, her friends and teachers.

She pointed out that Arredondo did not attend the meeting.

"But you chose this job because you knew you could be in the fire line. These kids didn't choose to be in the fire line." Jazzmin Casares said. "Remember my face, because we will attend all city councils until something changes."

Lived in Yuvarde for all 53 years of her lifeDonatores also attended the meeting.

She and other groups benefit from her family and prepare meals.

"It still affects us. They are babies. They are babies of Yuvarde," Torres said.

Crosses with flowers are dedicated to each of the victims of the Uvalde school shooting. People have brought flowers, stuffed animals and cards to the town square memorial one month later. 

The cross with flowers is a shooting at the Yuvarde school. A month later, people brought flowers, stuffed animals, and cards to the monument in the town square.  (Ashley Soriano / Fox News)

Kim Hammond moved to Yuvarde nine months ago to find out who lost his child in a shooting. I am.

"They failed by everyone. Everyone. Not only in this community, but also in this state, but in this country. They failed," Hammond said.

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She suggests parents go to their child's school and check the doors and keys themselves.

A mother came up with her own idea for her 7-year-old daughter Angelina.

"She asked me if it happened in our school. I told her," You are dead and playing, and if you have no blood, You wear it, "said Sandra Villanueva.

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She slowly tells her daughter He says he showed how to breathe in. Looks like he's dead.

They took 45 minutes from Cariso Springs, Texas to see the monument and dropped the stuffed cows and rabbits.

"We must honor them and show them that we care about them," Angelina said.

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