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Venezuelan immigrant family, including pregnant mother, turned against New York City shelter

A young Venezuelan immigrant family was stuck in a dead end this week after beingbused from Texas to New York City. Good documentation.

Dailyn Rojos, six months pregnant, told The Post that her family fled after being told she didn't have the paperwork needed to stay at a homeless shelter in Jamaica, Queens.


Despite having been there for several weeks already, the distressed Rojos, her husband Johandre Mercham and their 3-year-old son were ordered to go through the entire application process again.

"We were shocked. It's not easy here," a frustrated husband told The Post. Not.”

Rojos and her family are placed in a city shelter, one of a growing number of migrants forced to contend with shelter inadequacy.

Dailin Rojos was given the run-around after coming to NYC.
George Roberts

But legal aid society attorney Kathryn Cliff He said such cases should not have happened in the first place due to city-wide policies protecting asylum seekers who lack these documents.

Shelter "problems with staff training or lack of attention to asylum policies" are likely causing unnecessary stress to migrants, Cliff said.  

"They should follow the line. They are clearly asylum seekers. They are afraid to come back," Cliff told the Post.

} Inside look this morning at the Port Authority processing center being run by the city for arriving migrants from Texas
Inside the city-operated Port Authority Processing Center for immigrants arriving from Texas on August 19, 2022.

"I think it's very sows a lot of fear," she said of immigration.

Robert Gonzalez, an activist with the Venezuelan Community Assistance Alliance, said Rojos and her husband were desperately trying to reapply at the city's Office of Prevention Assistance and Temporary Housing (PATH) this week. I came across.

The family had arrived at the US border on July 11 after fleeing their hometown of Venezuela a month earlier. Rojos says she found out she was pregnant during the trek.

"I suffered. I was depressed. I had to carry my son on my back. I never let him walk. My husband was sick. "He had diarrhea. We wanted to get to America as soon as possible," Rojos said of their grueling journey. , Gonzalez said he was given a MetroCard to go to the PATH office in the Bronx, where he slept on the floor for two days.

"That was wrong," said Gonzalez. "They laid the pregnant mother, her husband, and the three-year-old child on the floor."

Rojos said she was feeling "depressed" during her tough journey and wanted to be in the US.
Georgette Roberts

The family was then sent to a homeless shelter in Jamaica on 19 July. From then until their situation was turned upside down.  

More Buses of immigrants arrived at Port Authority in Manhattan Friday morning — Number shipped by Texas Governor Greg Abbott In addition to the hundred immigrants as part of the ongoing political debate over President Biden's border policies.

Mayor Eric Adams has previously argued that all immigrants are welcome to the Big Apple, regardless of whether they have the correct papers. He said the predicament was diametrically opposed to Adams' position.

"What the mayor and commissioners are saying is not true. The story they were welcomed in here is not the story they were at the shelter," he told the Post.

"No papers. They took them at the border. All they have is the papers they got from immigration. They are on parole now."

Four buses of migrants arrived this morning from Texas at The Port Authority
Robert Miller

City Hall did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Venezuela 's family situation was rectified late Thursday after Gonzalez sought legal aid help. Told.

"As soon as we find cases, we file them. We submit them to the city and they fix them," Cliff said. Usually you run into a few families.This week I noticed 3 or 4 things.They show up quite often."

"That we met I'm sure there are other clients that have this problem that don't have the ."