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Video shows smoke from 'squatter house' residents blowpot in New York City Councilman's face after confrontation

A city council member angrily confronted a man who left what she called a "known squatter's home" in her neighborhood, according to a video clip. However, the man cursed her and sprayed cannabis smoke in her face. She posted to online.

"This won't stand on my watch," Councilman Vickie Paladino (R-Queens) gushed on her Twitter Monday.

"Homeowners have rights, our neighborhoods deserve better. More action is coming."

At 1:38 in recording , Paladino is shown standing on the sidewalk and holding a mobile phone. An unidentified man retreated from the driveway in a burgundy sedan with the windows open.

"Can I help you with anything?" he asked.

"Yes, this is a disgrace," said Palladino, pointing to the house.

He replied: Fuck yourself,” she kindly replied, and she said to the man: how is it? "

'Okay,'" he said, before inflating what appeared to be a large joint and exhaling a cloud of smoke.

Paladino asked him to stop smoking out in the open.

They exchanged sarcastic remarks Later, the man got out of the car, grabbed his phone, and pulled on his shorts as he approached Palladino.

"Will you please fuck me there? This is mine," he said, pointing to the ground.

Palladino stood with his chin up and said, "I am an elected official."

"I don't know who you are. You are still here. I'm in there. Go over there,' said the man.

As Palladino backed away, the man thrust his joint between his lips and turned.

At that point, he turned to Palladino, dragged him deep, and stepped forward exhaling a stream of smoke at her.

"Weed," replied the man.

He man insisted he could because weed is legalized.

The man then aimed at an unidentified woman who shot the scene. Blown away another cloud of smoke And replied, "No."

"It's legal. What's wrong with you? Fuck yourself," said the man.

As of Tuesday night, the recording has received nearly 100,000 views and over 1,700 likes.

She attempted to use her ethos to make him stop his behavior.

In her tweets, Paladino rebuilt a man's dilapidated house. I explained as follows. Squatterhouse in my neighborhood at 20th and 146th Streets in College Point. It said it was covered and banned from occupying the second floor due to cracks and holes in the roof.

Asset records show it was owned by Wells Fargo Bank, which took ownership in a foreclosure in December 2020.

Wells Fargo responded immediately to a request for comment. did not respond and the man could not be identified.