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A Virginia couple disappeared on a voyage to Portugal after reporting boat damage.

A Virginia couple disappeared on asailing tripto Portugal after reporting that a boat was damaged in rough seas. rice field.

Virginia Beach retirees Yani Nikopros and Dale Jones, both 65, went missing after embarking on a 2,700-mile journey to the Azores Islands, the US Coast Guard said Tuesday.

Nikopros and Jones left Hampton, Virginia on June 8 for the 36-foot sailing vessel Kiclades for the Central Atlantic Islands, about 800 miles west of mainland Portugal, the Coast Guard said. rice field.

Five days after the adventure, the two told Jones' daughter that stormy weather had hit the yacht and returned early to Hampton, the Coast Guard told.

The two were about 460 miles east of Virginia Beach at the time of the call, but were not contacted further.

The U.S. Coast Guard is searching for Virginia Beach retirees Yanni Nikopoulos and Dale Jones, both 65, who went missing while sailing to Azores, Portugal
Facebook / Dale Evelyn Jones

On Friday, Jones' daughter told the Coast Guard: Reported to. She wasn't contacted by them and was worried about their well-being. According to the Coast Guard, their return date has not been set, but Jones' daughter expected to return by Monday.

"We have not received any signs of distress, but we encourage the public to pay attention to Yanny Nikopros and Dale Jones," said the Major. Christopher Priam, Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator, District 5 Command Center.

The HC-130 Hercules crew made two overflights in the approximate area of ​​the missing boater, and the Coast Guard made an emergency ocean to warn the boater in that area. Information was broadcast.

The Coast Guard is working with authorities in the Azores, Bermuda and Canada to help identify the pair.

Yanni Nikopoulos and Dale Jones
Facebook / Dale Evelyn Jones

"In this situation, there are a lot of unknowns. , Our coordination efforts need to cast a broad and deliberate net, "said Command Duty Officer Chief Brian Gayney. "We are working with our Bermuda counterparts to track mobile and radio pings to pinpoint the airline's most intelligent search areas.

" It's a lot of detectives. It's a job, but it's all helpful in finding these two individuals and taking them back to their families. "

If you have information about the couple's whereabouts, the 5th Coast We recommend contacting the Guard District.

According to the LinkedIn page related to Nikopoulos, he was employed as a marine mechanic before his retirement.

Yanni Nikopoulos and Dale Jones
Facebook / Dale Evelyn Jones

Jones used to work for a furniture rental company. She has two grown-up daughters.

On May 29, Jones on a Facebook page for her and her husband to celebrate her daughters' 65th birthday, her retirement, and her recent wedding. I shared a photo of the elaborate house party I planned.

Nikopoulos was given a T-shirt with the image of a yacht and the words "Yes, I have a retirement plan".

Two weeks ago, Jones shared a video of a violent storm that surprised them while the yachts were still docked.

"The wind was so strong that the boat leaned to port," she wrote. "I think it tastes a bit of what I sometimes expect."

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