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W.H. Aim for Desantis even if Florida leaves Demus

But there is also Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida. Therefore, despite the bleak outlook in the state, the Democratic Party has great incentives to engage there this year if it only tries to slow the promotion of the governor prior to the president's bid.

"If you ask me, does Florida give you the same good return on investment as anywhere else? Obviously not now," said the Democratic National Committee's Chief Financial Officer. Chris Koge said in an interview. "Recently I was kicked in Florida. My ass was kicked."

But Mr. Kolge said his job was to build the infrastructure and the national group He added that it was foolish not to try to break into the state.

"I think the White House absolutely thinks they need to work there right now, rather than waiting until 2024, when it costs money to stop [DeSantis]." He said. "We will be involved in the medium term. You can quote me about this. The DNC has never given up on Florida."

Among state-level Democrats, There was a sneaking sensation that national groups, including the White House and the Democratic Governor's Association, were sneaking up on states where the Republican Party had won a big victory and recently overtook the Democratic voter registration advantage. For the first time in modern Florida political history. When President Barack Obama won in Florida in 2008, there were nearly 700,000 registered Democrats outnumbering Republicans in the state. They surpassed the Republicans by more than 550,000 in 2012. However, Biden lost the state to Donald Trump, and the Republicans now outnumber the Democrats by more than 175,000.

But in recent weeks Biden has taken a more confrontational approach with DeSantis. Biden and his administration recently beat the governor by making his state the only state in the country that does not pre-order the Covid-19 vaccine for children. White House Covid's response coordinator, Ashishger, also held a briefing with a Florida reporter, calling DeSantis' move "not conscientious."

{34 Biden has also issued a presidential order banning programs that receive federal funding from conversion therapy provisions. This is a direct response to the DeSantis administration calling for the end of state-funded gender-verified care for transgender minors. DeSantis' health department has also created justification for Medicaid's ban on paying for adolescent suppressants in transgender people.

Florida also visited Palm Beach County last week to discuss cancer research and recently shared a stage with DeSantis in memory of the tragic victims of a surfside condominium from First Lady Jill Biden. I saw a visit. On Tuesday, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Mercia Fudge stopped in Florida several times to discuss affordable housing. This is an issue in line with the Florida Democratic Party's 2022 message. And on Tuesday, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Rachel Levine of the Department of Health and Human Services met with parents and children under the age of five about the Covid-19 vaccine.

On the same day, the Florida Department of Health criticized Levine. Levine said, "LGBTQ equality opponents have earned political points for transgender and queer youth." Levine, a four-star admiral, has an office that requires Senate confirmation. The first openly transgender person to have.

"The government is very present in the state," Mayra Macias, chief strategy officer of Biden's affiliate Building Back Together, said in an interview. "Whether it's the first woman in Palm Beach or the Secretary of the Government elsewhere, I don't think it's fair to say that the administration has canceled Florida. The highest level of visibility.

Orlando's lawyer and major Democratic donor John Morgan said in a text message that there is one simple reason why the White House continues to focus on Florida. : "More election votes," he said. "It's not off the radar."

Morgan has a number of Democrats, including him who live in the state, as another reason why Democrats can't turn their backs on the state nationwide. Point out the donor. For example, DNC now knocks on doors as it did in the past.

"Still a lot of money," Morgan said. "I was just asked to hold an event with POTUS for DNC at my house."

Democratic Parliamentary Candidate Jared Clinton approved Tuesday's campaign by Hillary Clinton Moskowitz said the state would help promote the victory of important Democrats across the country, even if the party is struggling within the border.

"Even if you can't beat Florida, you have a lot of money to raise here and you can use it in important races across the country," he said. "Since the Republicans are registering Democrats here, we can observe that they are statistically moving to the right, but don't assume that Barack Obama won the state in ancient history. It's the third largest state in the country, and there are a lot of active Democrats here. "

Former state legislator Moskowitz, who also served in the Desantis administration, said the Supreme Court ruling. He said overturning theLaw vs. Wade casecould boost the Democratic Party's political energy. Republicans will dominate the November midterm elections.

"If the Republicans come back to power, the Democrats will definitely understand how much power is in motion," he said.

{73 DeSantis' tendency to choose a cultural war battle over pandemic vaccines, transgender children, education, etc. will keep Florida on both the White House and national radars, Mathias said.

"Unfortunately, Governor DeSantis continues to sign a very regressive policy that draws public attention to Florida for the wrong reason," she said. "Now, withRoeoverturned, we are thinking about an abortion-prohibited state, and even when I was in Florida, such a bill continued to come out in Congress."

Still, some believe that Florida's role for the Democratic Party is not a state that remains an important gear in the party's broader strategy, but a battlefield that seeks to stop the rise of DeSantis. For example, in 2020, Biden became the first candidate to win the White House without winning Florida since Bill Clinton in 1992.

"Even if the president talks about DeSantis, I don't think the political spending and campaign issues have changed at all in the last few weeks," said a former White House official. .. Think about who was given anonymity to speak freely. "Florida is leaning further to the right, and there is currently no world where democratic organizations are spending huge amounts of money on it."

The Democratic Governor's Association seems to have been in the last few years. Has already shown that it does not focus on Florida. But it didn't start with the 2022 midterm elections. In 2020, Biden's campaign manager, Jen O'Mary Dillon, lobbied to increase spending in Florida, but directed additional resources to Biden's victorious state, Arizona. ..

"She didn't hate Florida," said a former executive about O'Malley Dillon, dating back to when his relationship with Florida helped manage Jim Davis's governor's election, which failed in 2006. Told. "She didn't believe there was a real chance. That's why she invested in a place like Arizona, not Florida as many wanted. She was right. "

" I don't think we'll see much of a change by going into reelection mode on that front, "he added.

I couldn't ask O’Malley Dillon for comment.

{106 There remains suspicion that Florida Governor Charlie Crist (Democratic Party) and agricultural commissioner Nikki Fried, who defeated O'Mary Dillon-led Davis campaign as Republicans in 2006, could defeat DeSantis. increase. The Governor of Florida has raised more than $ 100 million and is gaining nationwide momentum, making it an overwhelming favorite to win the reelection. Both Fried and Christo welcomed POLITICO last week for Biden to campaign with them in the general election, even if some Democrats across the country avoid the question in the low approval rate of the president. He said.

However, expectations remain high for Val Demings to bid on the Senate for Senator Marco Rubio. A black man, Demings (D-Fla.), Was a former chief of the Orlando Police Department and was on the list of candidates to serve as Vice President of Biden. She is a Democratic candidate and hopes that Republicans can overcome effective attempts to brand Democrats as law enforcement agencies. This was an important message point for Rubio in the early stages of the campaign.

Regardless of race, the Democratic Party of Florida continues to be the focus of deep-seated skepticism.

"Honestly, at this point I didn't know who the main Democrats were," said a former Biden administration official. "This is a challenge for the Democratic National Committee and the reelected people at the moment. I don't know if they saw them laying a large foundation there. And Florida [in 2024] ] To the extent required, they do not depend on the people of the state. They cannot.

Others say the state's Democratic Party (Chairman Manny Diaz didn't return a request for comment) was too enthusiastic about the party's extended dry spells. I'm watching it.

"I think Manidias is a very capable democratic leader. In my experience, States parties are totally restricted in what they can do," Korge said. ..

"I'm not naive to the fact that I'm the weak, but I like being the weak."