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Wall Street Journal: Informant told investigators about further documents at Mar-a-Lago

(CNN)The results of theFBI raid on former President Donald Trump's Mar Arago residence on Monday, reportedly by The Wall Street Journal, which informed investigators of the possible presence of additional classified documents at the Palm Beach Club.

CNN previously reported that FBI and DOJ agents After leaving House, I was taken to Florida. After that meeting, after investigators toured the room where the documents were kept, the Wall Street Journal reported that "a person familiar with the archived documents told investigators that private clubs He said there may still be classified documents." Beyond what Trump handed over to the National Archives earlier this year.

CNN did not confirm his WSJ report.

Monday's search warrant execution involved both classified document handling and the Presidential Records Act.

Investigators have spent months investigatinghow Trump handled the materials he brought with him when he left the White House,.
Monday's raid led to officials' belief that the former president or his team had not returned all documents and other materials in government property, according to a person familiar with the matter. was based on According to another person familiar with the matter,there were allegationsthat Trump's agents were not telling investigators the full truth.

Concerns arose after returning some 15 boxes of his material to the National Archives in January.

Before FBI agents arrived at Trump's private club earlier this week and searched his residence, people around the former president began to question how he handled classified information. I was under the impression that the investigation was at a dead end.

It is unclear why those around the former president believed the investigation had stalled, but in June his lawyer told investigators that the rest of the documents in his possession were "to be notified at a later date." A source said they received a letter asking them to keep it until "until". told CNN.

The Mar-a-Lago search, which focused on areas of the club where Trump's offices and personal quarters are located, marked a major escalation in classified document investigations.Federal investigators said Palm Beach Removed crates of materials from the grounds of The Secret Service was ready about an hour before the FBI executed the warrant, a source familiar with the situation told CNN.

The Wall Street Journal report comes amid mounting pressure on the Justice Department to issue an official statement on the unprecedented search of the former president's home. .