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The Washington Post announces new social media policy after the newsroom battle

The Washington Post reportedly announced an updated social media policy for journalists on Thursday. The final dismissal of political reporter Dave Weigel and reporter Felicia Sonmes.

The Jeff Bezos-owned press has issued fresh guidance to staff in internal notes. This reminded reporters that personal social media posts and accounts "necessarily reflect the reputation and credibility of the posts."

"Post-journalist should not feel forced to engage or broadcast on social media platforms, except where their role explicitly requires it." Said the memo. "Post-journalist who choose to use these platforms is expected to use it responsibly."

"Post-journalist use of social media is a complete editorial post. It must not undermine the reputation of sexuality or journalism, "he added. The

policy points out that Washington Post reporters need to be aware of "our collective responsibility to protect their integrity and reputation," and the potential for retweets and likes. I called attention to be more aware of the impact.

Sonmez, who covers politics for the Washington Post, defied management's edict to cease tweeting about colleagues.
Twitter / @feliciasonmez

The Daily Beastfirst reported Memo details. The Washington Post did not immediately return a request for comment.

Wiegel said, "Every girl is bye. You need to understand if it's polar or sexual."

Retweet considered her a sexist He elicited a ferocious reaction from Sonmez, who publicly accused Wiegel of sharing the tweet, and newspaper leaders regarding the handling of the case. Wegel apologized and was suspended unpaid for a month.

Dave Weigel
Twitter / @daveweigel

Sonmez publicly tears WashingtonPost and discuss withcolleagues on Twitter's fussover the next few days. The explosioneventually resulted in her firing.

The Washington Post Editor-in-Chief Sally Buzbee had previously indicated that the outlet plans to update its social media policy.

Another newsroom drama source emerged The Washington Post feature editor Dave Maritz said Internet reporter shortly after Taylor Lorenz tweeted. It is reported that the promotion has been lost. She has a mistake in one of her articles.

"Last Thursday, a miscommunication with the editor added the wrong line to my story before it was published," Lorenz tweeted on June 4.

Washington Post executive editor Sally Buzbee angered staffers when she rescinded a promotion offer to an editor days after he was criticized by star reporter Taylor Lorenz.
Washington Post via GettyIm

"I didn't write that line and I wasn't aware that it was inserted. I asked to remove it shortly after the story was published. "

The Washington Post said Lorenz's tweet was by management { Although he denied having influenced the decision of 69}, some staff reportedly confronted Busby on the decision to revoke Maritz's promotion.

Taylor Lorenz
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The Washington Post's updated memo says, "Personal complaints. Was reportedly included on Twitter.

"Companies in a way that can be interpreted as using a social media account to express personal dissatisfaction with an individual or seek unjustified criticism, favor or special treatment. It is not appropriate to mention, "says the memo. ..