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Watchdog calls for the government's most ridiculous spending

Federal spending is out of control. The

US state debtis the first 30 in history as Washington officials flitter our taxes on slot machine pigeons and zombied cats. Four months afterover $ trillion, a new reportfrom the Illinois-based non-profit American Transparency details a stupid, fraudulent, frivolous federation. Some of the projects have spent us in the financial gap.

"The federal government isn't just wasting your money. They literally tear you apart," said group founder Adam Andrzejewski. "They are milking taxpayers like dairy cows."

Andrzejewski pointed out a March report from the Government Accounting Office. About the COVID relief program that suffers from fraud.

"Which government program is working well?" He asked.

At the annual "Where's The Pork". Andrzejewski and his team of financial analysts report calculating exorbitant discretionary spending figures revealed over the last two years. Here are just a few of what they found.

Pigeon Slots

Cost: $ 465,339

The National Institute of Health sent nearly half a million dollars to a college to create a casino for pigeons.
NyPost Photo Illustration

Taxpayers are rolling dice in a high stakes study aimed at unraveling the psychology of gambling addiction by building a pigeon casino increase. The National Institutes of Health has sentabout $ 500,000to the ultra-liberal Reed College in Portland, Oregon. There, researchers spend three years creating a "self-contained miniature economy" for school herds. bird's. Pigeons receive currency-like tokens that can be "earned, accumulated, spent, or gambled" on slot machines. Dr. Timothy Hackenbergexplained in the project summary, but even he acknowledges his "practical application". I have little work. Perhaps paying for all the comprooms, free drinks, and small uniforms of feathered cocktail waitresses requires a spectacular budget.

Fake Farm

Cost: $ 7 Million 

Dazzling, Pardner, and Some Cash rounded up to COVID. The pandemic was a wasteful federal outbreak. A good example: A single loan processing company sent a Paycheck Protection Program check worth about $ 7 million to a fictitious farm in an impossible location, according to a ProPublica study,scammers. Just north of Atlantic City, the bungalows and marina had illusory farms such as theBeefing Cattle Ranchand theDeely Nut Tree Nut Farm. “There is no agriculture here,” says Jomancini. The local mayor spoke to the guard dog group. "We are a sandbar for Christ." According to fraudulent documents, the ranch was run at Mancini's home address. He has three dogs, but no cows.

The National Science Foundation spent a pretty penny on capturing lizards.
Colin Donihue via AP


Cost: $ 75,000

Harvard biologists have turned a reef blower, a wooden stick, and a Caribbean lizard lounge into a $ 75,000 payday. The National Science Foundation has expressed concern about the deterioration of hurricanes caused by climate change, andpays researchersto capture 47 Anor lizards in the Turks and Caicos Islands and in a reef blower. I blew up the animals. Scientists photographed creatures hanging on sticks at wind speeds up to 108 mph. And they kept recording while they flew. In this experiment, in addition to's hilarious YouTube footage, the theory was born that the larger the toes, the more the lizard can withstand the hurricane's strong winds.

A Florida lab is intent on turning male monkeys female using hormones.
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Transgender Monkey

Cost: $ 477,121

In the Florida lab,male rhesus monkeysare given feminizing hormones. Funded by Dr. Anthony Fauci's National Institute for Allergic Infectious Diseases, the experiment aims to elucidate why male-to-female transgender humans suffer from high levels of HIV transmission. "HIV / AIDS thrives on social boundaries"reads the descriptionfor the Super Awakening Projectect. Transgender people. Scientists believe that estradiol, a hormone commonly given to transgender women, can weaken the immune system. Next, drag the monkey talk time at the local library.

Cattle surveillance

Cost: $ 45,000

National Science Foundation and the DigitalGlobe Foundation funded a satellite livestock project at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Maxar Technologies via UCSantaB

Where is the beef? Check the satellite feed. Withcashfrom the National Science Foundation and the DigitalGlobe Foundation, undergraduate students at the University of California, Santa Barbara examined satellite images of cattle for eight months on a project to study livestock-wildlife interactions. rice field. A terribly confused student was asked to understand how cows on the Point Reyes National Sea could co-exist with native Zuelk without head-to-head. "Discovering cows from space-not your typical student study," admitted ecologist Dougma Corey, who led theproject.

Stars Encrusted COVID distribution

Cost: $ 14 million

Robert Redford's Sundance Institute received over $3 million in COVID loans.
According to Getty Images AFP

Thanks to the rich uncle Sam, I was enriched during the coronavirus pandemic. Bold names like Kanye West, Robert Redford, and Francis Ford Coppolaraised a fortunefrom the COVID Relief Paycheck Protection Program in 2020. West, who currently has a net worth of about $ 6.6 billion, received  $ 2.4 million from his renowned sneaker company Yeezy, LLC. It was valued at the time as$ 2.9 billion. Meanwhile, the $ 3.04 millionloan was sent to the Sundance Institute in Redford. Two companies in Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola LLC and Niebaum Coppola Estate Winery, LP received a total of$ 8.5 million. , The loan allowed did not make any cents.

"Zombie" Russian cat

Cost: $ 549,331

A horrifying thing in a Russian lab The experiment turned a cute kitten into aelectrically controlled zombie– with the help of the US government. Researchers at the Pavlov Institute for Physiological Sciences in St. Petersburg, Russia, have "brained" 18 healthy cats from the National Institutes of Healthand cutbrain stems to move. Receivedpayment to prevent. Keep them alive. Later, terrifying scientists used the charge to walk the cat on a treadmill, turning it into a walking kitten carcass. Parliamentary Republicans exploded with President Biden when news of a "cruel and useless" test leaked earlier this year, a few days after Russia invaded Ukraine. "Our foreign enemies, especially those run by tyrants, should not be given US dollars to carry out vicious animal research."They wrote to the President on March 10 {. 180} was written.

One of the less elegant sources of federal spending in a study of animal feces.
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Cost: $ 556,584

Smell studies, primarily funded by the National Science Foundation, to test the "math model of defecation" Animal feces were measured in. Researchersrecorded footage of the most private moments of pandas, elephants, warthogs, etc., examined and weighed bowel movements, noted the size and shape of feces, and recorded the duration of defecation. I recorded it. In a silly study, fecal samples were collected from43 speciesat the Atlanta Zoo, University Zoo, and Farms. Scientist "Unhappiness": Discovering new non-invasive methods for diagnosing animal diseases. If you've ever wondered how much dung a lion produces every day (which turns out to be less than £ 1), the taxpayer's money is well spent.

The government sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into the NSA's failed parking garage.
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NSA unused garage

Cost: $ 3.6 million

The National Security Agency may be America's premier intelligence gathering organization, but functionalfor employees Lacking the wisdom to build a parking lotA ferocious 2021 inspector's reportwasted $ 3.6 million in a rushed construction of the Fort's modular parking lot. I was ashamed of the government agency. Headquarters in Mead, Maryland. The completed garage was for 250 vehicles, with only 87. IG calculated that it would cost $ 34,000 per spot. To make matters worse, the European designers of this structure did not consider the size and weight of American cars. After a year of safety testing, the agency confirmed that the garage was too thin to use. The NSA paid $ 500,000 to destroy the structure in 2019, which did not welcome the vehicle of one employee.

The National Cancer Institute funded a project developing toilet cameras.
Gambhir et al / Nature

Toilet cam

Cost: $ 6.97 million

Pee, Doc. Stanford University scientistshave used approximately $ 7 millionwith funding from the National Cancer Institute to build an artificial intelligence toilet system that captures the user's hellish area. Like fingerprints, researchers create individually identifiable"analprints" with up to 37 unique creases on your derriere.The toilet's internal camera and computer analyze the user's urine flow, track the time spent in the bowl, evaluate the stool and measure the owner's overall health. Data is regularly uploaded to secure, and ainternet cloud is desired. However, theStanford team accepts. “To fully enjoy the benefits of smart toilets, users need to rest assured that they have a camera that scans their anus.”