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"We Crashed" and "I Love That for You" prove that you shouldn't buy an expensive wallet

I'm always a proud member of Team Treat Yourself, supporting responsible turmoil, but this year, as two TV characters break their souls instead of one. became. Debt so they can buy expensive handbags obscenely.

Personally. I have never wanted to buy a more expensive handbag, a car, in my 29 years of life. In that scene of Season 6 of Gilmore Girls , whenLogan handed Rory a Birkin bag, she was clearly "cool, bag". "Is called. And tell him that it fits nicely into her computer code. If you're a designer handbag enthusiast, that's perfectly fine. They are not suitable for me. Partly because I don't use my wallet much, but most of the time I didn't stop thinking about all the other ways I could spend that money.

There is a saying that two are coincidental and three are trends, so I'm here to issue an expensive wallet PSA before TV writers dare to make this a trend. increase. 15} and I Love That For You, it is "Don't buy that expensive bag".

The story of two bad bags

The first fashion-related financial fake isWeCrashed, Apple TV + WeWork Limited series on couples at the heart of the rise and fall: co-founder Adam Neumann (Jared Leto) and his wife Rebekah (Anne Hathaway).WeCrashednamed Chloe Morgan (Cricket Brown), who participated in 2012, in recording the company's valuation of $ 47 billion and the disastrous IPO filing that almost dropped it. Occasionally check in to employees.

When Adam finally decides to open the company, Chloe and a group of his colleagues fantasize about how to spend the first million dollars. Chloe initially said she wanted to use WeWork's money to repay the student's loan, but after encouragement from her colleagues (Note: Peer Pressure.) she was made of leather. Look at the Hermes Birkin bag. It costs over $ 23,000. If you are stressed now, you should be.

A computer screen showing a listing for a $22,000 blue handbag.
Photo: Apple TV +

Chloe, intoxicated by Tequila and ready to make a bad choice, she The suspect praising the bag on his phone repeatedly says "DO IT".

She says, "It's more than last year's after-tax amount," she says, clearly recognizing that $ 23,000 isn't a small amount. "Yes, but I didn't do an IPO last year," her colleague replies. In hisminordefense, he has points. WeWork employees expected to receive a large amount of payment from the IPO, but all when Adam misrepresented the company's financial success and exaggerated WeWork's I-9 form. Has collapsed. In the midnight office after serious consideration, Chloe ignores her instinct and buys a bag with her pre-IPO approval. A big mistake. Huge. But we'll talk more about that later.

A month after Chloe chaotically cashed the cart,I love it for youDarcy Leeds (} Matt Rogers) also found himself tempted by the handbag. The great Olivia Rodrigo once asked, "Do you get a dejav?" And when it comes to expensive wallet plot lines, my answer is clear: yes.

This is what happens in Darcy. Her boss Patricia (Jennifer Lewis) bought a $ 15,000 Saint Laurent bag as a reward for surviving a "five-hour dinner with Bloomberg." He is as soft as a beautiful buttery croissant, familiar with bags and is considering buying his own, especially after a bad day. Darcy stays late in the office, resting her feet on Patricia's desk and sucking weeds while looking at the list of laptop bags. He picks up Patricia's credit card and seriously considers charging her bag to her boss (.), But only slams the laptop after a clear moment. Someone else issweatingthe same. Don't stop.

A computer screen displaying a listing for a $15,000 leather handbag.
Photo: Showtime

In the next episode, Darcy pulls Chloe and urges him into his gorgeous leather notebook. Drop the dollar. Upon arrival he is thrilled and has a modeling sesh in front of the mirror. But a few minutes later, when Patricia called him to her office and gave him the exact same bagthat he had just purchased, he threw it out of regret.

Yes, what were you doing? You both knew better than buying those bags. You took your decision seriously, carefully considered the economic implications, and emptied your bank account at the moment of weakening. No. Characters, stop online shopping at work after hours and make destructive decisions in a hurry rather than trying treatments. And the TV writer, two emotionally expensive purse roller coasters, was enough for my fragile nervous system to endure. Find another vehicle that will collide. please.

ConsiderationBag fixation instead of

WeCrashed The finale reveals the harsh economic reality of WeWork , We learn Chloe lost $ 5,000 after selling a bag to a woman on the Upper East Side. And after hours of stress begging a French-speaking Saint Laurent service representative, Darcy is fortunate to be able to return and refund his bag. But if this isn't TV, things can get worse.

Normally, "fixing the bag" is positive, but if the price of the bag is literally higher than the annual income, learn from the mistakes of Chloe and Darcy and empty the cart. It is recommended. If you really need, you can buy a very expensive handbag, but before clicking Buy, make sure your purchase doesn't hurt your life.