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Welcome to America's Weirdest Senate Election

McMarin operates independently in the form of Romney or Senator.Joe Manchin(D-W.Va.), A new strategy that requires support from bright red Democrats, independents, and anti-Trump Republicans. He says the race is "close", citing polls showing him within 5 points. During his interview, Lee handed over ainternal voteand showed him by the age of 14.

Even as the apparently vulnerable, McMarin has probably been the most competitive Utah Senate race in 30 years. This is a remarkable test of McMarin's unproven theory that you can defeat conservatives by running one-on-one races without democratic spoilers. Lee's position in the last six years of the Republican Party, and within it, is as important as the rise of political strategy in McMarin's semi-court.

"I take it very seriously," Lee said in an interview. "It's still closer than I want."

In a 35-minute interview, McMarin said his state deserves two Romneys, "just like I'm in Utah. In the Senate, we will join forces with other Democratic Senators. " Still, how he works without joining the Republicans or Democrats is a thorny issue.

McMarin emphasized that neither party would have a caucuse, even if the Senate ended up in 50-49 next year by controlling a one-party chamber from one party to another. .. According to the Senate History Department, since the 1950s, unaffiliated members elected to the Senate have held caucuses with either Republicans or Democrats.

McMarin claimed that despite his stance, he would continue to serve on the Commission. Lee Seung-yuop complained, "I don't think anyone knows how it works because it hasn't been done." Republican Senator McMarin said he was in a "no man's land."

Some Senate Republicans say that if Lee is vulnerable, it is his "heck-no" attitude that will bring less national achievement than incumbents will be re-elected. I personally believe that there is. McMarin hammers Lee as a person who "does nothing for Utah."

Strictly speaking, Lee is one of the most credible "opposition" votes in the Senate. He occasionally teamed up with SenatorTed Cruz(R-Texas), including a fight to reimburse Obamacare, which ended with a 2013 government shutdown.

"Yes, I don't vote much," Lee explains. “Many of the upcoming bills are harmful to the American people and scary to Utah.”

Part of the race will also be held on January 6, 2021. Lee's textmessage, which favorably discusses Trump's legal challenge to the 2020 elections, is becoming a judge on McMarin's campaign trail. His rivals betrayed the party's principles in favor of the former president's unfounded claims.

"When advising a fake legal objection to a free and fair election designed to convince tens of millions of Americans that the election was stolen ... it's the Constitution. It's not what the above conservatives do, "McMarin said.

Lee argues that he was merely investigating the legitimacy of the Trump team's "abnormal and surprising" legal debate about widespread fraud. The rumors were not true. And I voted to prove the election.

He has come to enjoy a close relationship with Trump, but Lee is not a down-the-line Trump Republican. Utan recalled telling Trump when he took office that "if we fight to protect and restore federalism and the separation of powers, there is no better ally." And as long as you undermine them, I'll be a thorn on your side.

Lee won in 2010, then Sen. In a complex Republican nomination process, Bob Bennett (R-Utah) became one of the most liberal senators, forming an alliance between parties on topics such as military intervention abroad and criminal justice reform. is. He said in an interview with the story that he would probably support writing same-sex marriage in the law if a similar view to the McMarin exemption from freedom of religion was added to the bill.

Still, Lee has never faced the threat of his true reelection. He won 29 points and 41 points respectively in the two previous general election campaigns.

And McMarin didn't come out of nowhere. The state's top Democratic official said he supported McMarin's campaign after seeing McMarin raising money and taking on credible challenges.

"If they had a really weak launch, I don't know what I did with former Congressman Ben Macadams," said Mayor of Salt Lake County, who played against Romney in 2018. Said Jenny Wilson. He helped shape the parent McMarin strategy of the Parties.

However, it's unclear whether Washington, D.C. Democrats will join the Utah Democratic Party in McMarin's camp. An aide to the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee said the organization was "watching the race."

CongressmanKristen Stewart(R-Utah) described Democrats as "angry." McMarin won the party after his past life as a Republican.

"Mike Leigh will win," Cruz accused Democrats of "trying to support candidates like McMarin to confuse and deceive voters."

The well-funded Republican Super PAC Senate Leadership Fund "will be there if [Lee] needs us," a spokesman said. However, as a sign of how difficult racing is for Utah Republicans,is divided intobetween Romney and Trump politics, by Governor Spencer Cox (R-Utah). He interviewed the spokesman.

"There has never been a race like this," said Lee's supporter,Blake Moore,(Republican).

The DSCC has approved independent Argros in the 2020 Senate race in Alaska, but the races are not exactly similar. Lee is more polarized than SenatorDan Sullivan(R-Alaska), who outperformed Gross by 12 points, and Alaska was recently elected to the Democratic Senate in 2008. Last time, when a non-Republican won the Senate election in Utah.

Thus, Lee's campaign against McMarin is simple. Lee handed over theMcMarin flyer. It shows expanded gun background checks, trade unions, and the "Voting Rights Act of Parliament" with independent support.

Lee said that McMarin "convinced the Democrats not to run for candidates, but instead to support you, campaign on the Democratic agenda, support the Democratic president, and ideologically. You can't pretend to be neutral. "

In fact, McMarin is open about his more progressive position. He said he would consider reducing filibuster and would probably support a bipartisan bill on infrastructure, gun safety, and microchips, in addition to Supreme Court judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

McMarin hasn't answered for or against how to vote for the Democratic party's climate, taxes, and medical law —he's therehe He said he had a favorite part and parts he didn't.

He set the stage for the Democratic Party's $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus bailout bill. But overall, McMarin believes the future bipartisan gang member campaign is the winner.

Romney is "in the room where it happens," McMarin said. "I take that approach."

McMarin's apparent role model said he hadn't yet considered which side to choose, but he accepted the praise. "I've worked a lot with Mike and I'm grateful to have worked with him, but I'm out because they're good friends."

Lee said. Romney's support replied, "It's great to have it," but "I plan, intend, and expect to win with or without it."

Olivia Beavers contributed to this report.