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What the post wants from Joe Biden's cue card

On Thursday, Joe Byden flashed acomical president's "cheet sheet"at the camera. This is a testament to how the 79-year-old staff manages the stage.

In addition to instructing him to remember to say "hello" and "thank you", it emphasizes basic steps such as "you will be in your seat" did.

Thanks to the White House Hokuro, Post was able to smuggle a new cheat sheet into Byden's jacket pocket while taking a quick nap in the oval office.

Here, I think the president's clue card should say:


Press conference for a series of events

  • After ice cream, walk through the hall for a press conference. Secret service agents "Sports", "Chief", "Stretch" will escort you (Staff: This is John, Adam, Charles).
  • You are on the podium. A tall wooden stand in the middle. You can continue to support.
  • Say hello to the press. You say "hello", but not "hey, friends, are you ready to cover for me?"
  • You don't sniff Caitlin Collins' hair.
  • A man named RONKLAIN tries to rush the stage. Stretch works on him.
  • You do not blame Putin or Trump.
  • Don't whisper.
  • Seriously, Stop Whisper.
  • Someone "Mr. President" Remember, they are talking to you! i can't believe.
  • Call Bitch's son (Staff: Peter Doocy). Don't sniff his hair. Please answer his question once.
  • Lift the ARM. Create a FIST. Shake it all. That's everything.
  • You are escorted by your wife ("Jill"). You did a great job. It's Delaware time. Slimy tomato soup and MeTV!