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When will the airline return to orbit?

Air travel headache hit travelers on July 4

Airlines 1,200 on Friday It was a tough holiday weekend because I canceled the flight. Saturday, July 4th is 1,200, Sunday is about 300, and Monday is 225. Thousands of delayed flights have also been ground-stopped (all traffic has stopped) at airports such as Denver, Miami, Atlanta, Newark and Minneapolis. Travelers were also lagging behind at security checkpoints for many passengers at US airports, as well as airlines and tarmacs.

Overseas, significant delays and cancellations have occurred at airports such as Lisbon, Frankfurt, Dublin and Amsterdam. The situation in Amsterdam is so serious that the Netherlands has issued an unprecedented order to order airlines to stop selling more tickets between now and the end of July. It almost immediately pushed up airfare prices — now it's sky high. Trains are rapidly becoming a very attractive option for many trips in Europe.

Airlines can't find workers, or even if they do, they can't train new employees fast enough, which can lead to continued delays and cancellations.

The general rule of delay and cancellation is that the schedule is interrupted every 12 hours, the crew returns to the schedule, and the plane returns about 36. It takes time. In order. But this time, the airline is not dealing with a single incident like the weather. Due to staff shortages and airline overschedule, this is a recurring problem. Airline schedules can be unstable until after a worker's day when a combination of newly hired and trained airline employees begins to work with reduced demand.

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