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Who Is Netflix’s Mole? All of the Clues Found in ‘The Mole’ Week 1

Alert: The Mole is back on Netflix! The cult classic reality competition show is back after a 14-year hiatus with a new network (hello, Netflix) and new host (Alex Wagner), but all of the intrigue and brain-twisting detective work that you remember. If you haven’t watched The Mole, the premise is deceptively simple: a group of people work together to complete missions and add big money to their prize pot — except one of them is actually the Mole and secretly working to sabotage missions along the way. Contestants are tasked with trying to figure out who the Mole is, which manifests in the gameplay by way of a series of quizzes about the Mole’s identity. If a player is on the right track with their suspicion, they’ll answer the most questions right and be safe to continue playing. But players who don’t have a clue and therefore get the most questions wrong? They’re eliminated. It sounds simple, but this may be the most intricately plotted competition show in TV history.

That’s why, with five episodes of The Mole streaming all at once on Netflix, we need to really sit down and gather our thoughts. SPOILERS AHEAD for the first five episodes, obviously!

After bingeing those episodes, we at least know which four players are not the Mole. As for the remaining eight? It could be any one of them — and the most Mole-ish behavior could still be forthcoming (the season continues with new episodes released on October 14 and concluding on October 21). But as of now, there’s a whole lot of evidence for and against each and every player being the secret saboteur. Every viewer’s going to have their own theories, but here’s what we’ve pieced together after obsessing over this first batch of episodes. Again, SPOILERS ahead as we break down every motive and moment from the new season of The Mole. Here’s our analysis of all 8 remaining players, ranked from least Mole-y to most Mole-y.



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Who suspects Will the most? That would be Joi, which makes sense considering she’s the moliest mole to mole.

Why Will’s the Mole: Well, he’s not. He’s the lowest-ranked player on this list, and that’s because he’s only added money to the pot — even if doing so causes him bodily harm (like cutting himself while diving for treasure) or makes himself look shady (him stealing a case of money in order to double its value). If Will’s the Mole, then he’s playing the long game.

Why Will’s not the Mole: See above.

Verdict: Will is not the Mole.



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Who suspects Pranav the most? Not many people, but Kesi was really suspicious of Pranav and his role in helping his entire team win immunity during the red button/periodic table mission fiasco.

Why Pranav’s the Mole: Pranav was the mastermind in Episode 2’s second mission and he wasted no time when trying to find the password that would (and did) give his team immunity. He also has an alliance with Avori, which indicates that he’s slightly more strategic than other players (whether it’s a sound strategy, who knows).

Why Pranav’s not the Mole: Pranav has won money for the pot numerous times; he’s the one who spotted the dinghy from the plane, and he was the first of his group to pick up a package during that grueling postal service run. Sure he messed up the currency conversion, but how could he not? That task was impossible!

Verdict: Pranav is not the mole.



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Who suspects Jacob the most? Avori, for reasons we’ll get to next.

Why Jacob’s the Mole: Avori claims that she caught Jacob miscounting money during the bank heist mission, but we’re taking Avori’s word for it.

Why Jacob’s not the Mole: He was the first in his team to break out of jail, thus helping them win money. He didn’t look at the dossiers, thus protecting the pot. And he and Will busted their asses searching for those cases of money underwater. The mess-up in the car during the postal run was mostly Joi’s fault — or maybe Jacob’s for letting Joi navigate.

Verdict: Jacob is not the Mole.



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Who suspects Casey the most? Nearly everyone has suspected Casey at one point or another, but she’s no one’s #1 choice.

Why Casey’s the Mole: She did spend money during the jailbreak in order to buy her team more time, even convincing Dom to do so. She was also part of the team that immediately started looking for the password… but then she blew their cover when she left Greg hanging on the phone and didn’t grab the rest of the team to say “hi” to the other team.

Why Casey’s not the Mole: Will and Jacob may have worked hard to find those cases underwater, but Casey’s the one who actually figured out how to affix the flotation devices to them and bring them to the surface.

Verdict: Casey’s not the mole… we think. Casey’s flying under the radar, which means she could be doing tiny Mole things that we’re just not seeing yet because others are doing huge Mole things.



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Who suspects Kesi the most? Greg, who witnessed two of Kesi’s biggest Mole moves (if she’s the Mole).

Why he’s the Mole: Greg was shocked that Kesi, an engineer, could not figure out the code hidden within the list of names during the bank heist. L. Dorado? Come on! Then Greg watched as Kesi completely botched the money grab from the mail train. She also misspelled neon (neone??) during the password challenge, which wasn’t the right password anyway but how do you misspell neon? Lastly, Kesi was sitting on a detonator in the food challenge, which means she was eating tasty food. So why was she eliminated…? Was it… intentional?

Why Kesi’s not the Mole: Kesi’s the one that picked up the slack in the very first mission when Avori couldn’t untie a knot and get their money down from the tree. Kesi’s also the only member of her jailbreak team to even try to bust out of jail. You have to wonder if Greg or Joi would’ve done anything in that challenge if Kesi didn’t figure it out first. She also wanted to bring Dom back and add $10,000 to the pot!

Verdict: Kesi’s probably not the Mole since most of her mistakes could be attributed to genuine mistakes.



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Who suspects Greg the most? Will, the player least likely to be the Mole.

Why Greg’s the Mole: Where to start? He immediately wanted to open the clue during the first mission, thus losing them money. He was one of the first to want the password and to win immunity, and then he was in charge of lying to the other team via phone. He claimed to be a great scuba diver, and then put his lifejacket on diaper style — which is incredibly inefficient! — and dropped the tank of air Casey needed to inflate another crate. Oh — and he looked at the dossiers!

Why Greg’s not the Mole: He did spot the money crate during the first mission, but maybe he did that only because he knew he couldn’t stop Casey from seeing it next. He also wanted to bring Dom back into the game, which would’ve added money to the pot… and then he changed his mind. He also scored the only two money bags from the train during the postal run, which he really did not have to do.

Verdict: Greg is probably not the Mole and is instead the bitchy, drama-loving gay guy that all reality TV shows desperately need in order to be entertaining. Thank you for your service, Greg!



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Who suspects Avori the most? Probably Kesi, from day one.

Why Avori’s the Mole: Avori took a lot of time trying to untie a knot in the first mission, so Kesi had to get geared up and do the job herself. Avori was the first person to head to the room in search of the password. And then there’s Avori’s “strategy” to throw suspicion on herself as the Mole… which she does by not pointing out the dinghy, dropping a tank of air, and then refusing to run after volunteering to be on the running team. She also unapologetically looked at the dossier!

Why Avori’s not the Mole: Hmmmm… well, her strategy to blatantly cost the team money repeatedly only works if she’s not the Mole. That way people vote for her as the Mole and are then eliminated because they got the quiz questions wrong. But Avori’s strategy to act like the Mole could still work even if she is the Mole, because there are two other people — one above her and one below her on this list — who are acting incredibly Mole-y, and thus could be taking attention off of her.

Verdict: Avori’s the Mole, unless the #1 person is the Mole.



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Who suspects Joi the most? Basically everyone.

Why Joi’s the Mole: No one in the competition has cost the team as much money as Joi. She’s a pilot who can’t navigate, thus wrecking two missions. She didn’t see the key right outside Kesi’s cell door. She’s an expert liar, proven by her making it all the way to the end of the food challenge while sitting on a detonator and eating heinous stuff. Worst of all, she alone bet $25,000 that Greg peeked at the dossiers… so she cost the group $25,000.

Why Joi’s not the Mole: Uh, because it’s so obvious? From a storytelling standpoint, it’s no fun to have a Mole who is so clearly the Mole. Also she did vote to bring Dom back and add money to the pot? Is that anything? Similar to Avori, though, Joi could be pulling all of these wild stunts because she knows Greg and Avori are doing the same thing and she can split the suspicion amongst the three of them.

Verdict: Joi is the Mole.

Or is she? We’ll have an even better idea of who the Mole is when Netflix drops new episodes on Friday, October 14 at 3 a.m. ET.