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Wisconsin Democrats Focus on Johnson After Commission Claims on January 6

Eight candidates for Wisconsin Democrats trying to leave Republican Senator Ron Johnson As a result, we focused our attacks on Sunday. He filed a proceeding against party activists at a state convention held six weeks before Primary.

After the 2020 elections, the Democratic Senator candidateused a fake ballot for the Republican Electoral College at the time, Vice President Mike Pence Blowed up Johnson by trying to deliver it to. COVID-19Skepticism about the vaccine, voting for tax laws that benefited him, andRoev. Support for overturning Wade

Earlier this monthHouse January 6 at the Commission's hearing, Commission Johnson To deliver a fraudulent ballot to the Vice President, whose staff revealed a text message to Pence's aide saying that the Senator was ready. "Don't give it to him," replied Pence's aide. 

Asked if he had personally contacted Pence about the voters, Johnson told CBS News'Robert Costa's text "The answer is no," he added, "this is a complete non-story." The text was confirmed by CBS News's Aide Pence.

Donald Trump's 2016 race, butPresident Joe Biden won in 2020The race in Wisconsin can determine which party will dominate the Senate There is sex. Opinion polls show a close Democratic primary between Vice Governor Mandela Burns and Alex Rasley, who has resigned as an executive at Milwaukee Bucks.

Burns emphasized his upbringing in Milwaukee's "hard-working union household" and contrasted it with Johnson, a millionaire and former owner of a plastic company.

Group Of Republican Senators Hold News Conference To Discuss Technology Companies' Role In Censoring Origins Of Covid-19 Stories
Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) arrives at a news conference with Republican Senator COVID-19 on June 10th. Discuss the origin of. 2021 in Washington DC. Senators allege that companies like Facebook have censored information about the origin and cure of the coronavirus.Anna Money Maker / Getty Images

"It feels like the decks are piled up against us," Burns said at a lacrosse tournament. rice field. "We don't want to reach out. We just want a fair shot, and as long as Ron Johnson is in the Senate, we'll never get that fair shot."  

Millionaire's Razzley touted his role in supporting the union, working to build the Fiserv Forum played by Bucks, and hosting the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. Johnson blew him up because he didn't fight to persuade Oshkosh defense to find 1,000 jobs in Wisconsin instead of South Carolina.

"He attacked organized workers," Rasley said. "Spread is lying about COVID. He tried to overthrow the government, and he even advocates sending Wisconsin's work to South Carolina."

To other candidates, State Treasury Secretary Sara Godrevsky, Outtagami County Executive Tom Nelson, Political Organizer Stephen Orikara, Restaurant Owner Kou Lee, State Emergency Management Manager Darrell Williams, Lawyer Peter Peckalski It is included.

Godrevsky, the only woman in the race, said the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case and will work to pass legislation to legalize abortion68}

"If we had a more democratic woman at the US Senate table, we would have done this long ago," Godrevsky said.

Nelson tried to run a humorous folk campaign, similar to former Senator Russell D. Feingold's bid for the first public office 30 years ago, giving Johnson the strongest words. Having some, he "liars, loves treason, hates women, Putin's minions."

He likens his candidacy to "strong folklore brewing." He had a bottle of cows with spots on the company and compared other Democratic candidates with a bottle of Badrite.

Orikara emphasized his work in leading the Millennial Action Project, which undertook the first public office campaign and urged Congress to enact bipartisan law. He said the best idea in Congress should come from the general public "not the special benefit of big bucks".

Candidates have expressed their support rather than the right to abortion, have also enforced gun control, ended the Senate filibuster, expanded voters' rights, and combated climate change, for the most part on issues. It matched.

The primary winner on August 9th will face Johnson. Johnson wants a third term after he previously promised not to run again. Johnson is also one of Trump's most noisy supporters and has been approved by the former president. He has endorsed the conspiracy theory associated with January. He rioted six and tried to shift responsibility for what happened away from Trump supporters.

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