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WNBA star Brittney Griner is tried on suspicion of drugs in Russia

Thetrial against WNBA player Brittney Grinerbegan on Friday in a court near Moscow. She emphasized the frayedrelationship between the United States and Russia

From Houston, Greener, the heart of Phoenix Mercury, has been since February, .Detained. When Russian authorities claimed she was found at Moscow Airport in possession of a cannabis-derived arc cartridge.

She hasn't issued her public statement since she was detained, what she's doing about her accusations against her, or in the circumstances surrounding her arrest. I don't know if she says there is.

Greener was arrested less than a week before Russia began its invasion of Ukraine , she was arrested during the WNBA off-season. Play with a basketball team.

The U.S. Department of State stated in May that Greener was "unfairly detained by the Russian government", The special presidential envoy for hostage issues may work in collaboration with the department and become more active in efforts to ensure her release.

After a pretrial hearing on Monday, a spokesperson for the State Department said, "We will continue to seek her release."

However, Russian legal experts sayGreener's best option to get her releaseis through diplomatic channels rather than the legal system. I am. Marijuana is illegal in Russia for entertainment and medical purposes, and according to Reuters,has been convicted of less than 1% of all criminal cases in the country. William E. Butler, author and professor of "Russian Law and Legal System," said that if Greener was convicted of a large-scale transport of drugs, the colony would be nearly guaranteed and she would be five years old. He said he could be trapped in the next 10 years. According to Butler, the Pennsylvania State Dickinson Act

Russian criminal law allows courts to rule less than the minimum sentence, but lawyers have a convincing argument. Must.

Many of the details surrounding Greener's trial were ambiguous. Butler said she is likely to face a bench trial, in contrast to her jury, and expects a decision to be made the same day the trial ends.

Butler said these types of trials may last only one day, but "I'm not sure because we don't know anything about aspects of her story." If she is found guilty, Grinner has the opportunity to sue.

Thomas Firestone, a former Justice Department official who worked as a lawyer in Moscow, reported a recent case similar to Greener's case, which took him about two and a half months to reach a conclusion. He said he knew. Approval in the case of Gleiner is "very unlikely," he added.

Firestone believes that the trial will be carefully monitored by Kremlin officials. She is an Olympic gold medalist and Grinner, who won the Mercury twice WNBA Championship, is not an ordinary American detainee. state.

According to experts, Russia wants to replace the prison with Viktor Bout, a death merchant sentenced to 25 years in 2011. An international arms dealer called. He is colluding to sell weapons to Colombian rebels.

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in "Meet the Press NOW" on Monday that Putin is withholding Greener as part of his "basically threatening strategy."

However, Putin's spokesman challenged the State Department's position that Greener was a Russian hostage, andNBC Newsshe was "declared to carry a hash." It's the same as hundreds of Russian citizens. " ""

Meanwhile, Greener supporters, including her wife and fellow WNBA players, have hashtags#WeAreBG

during basketball games and on social media. Grinner continues to gather around her with his wife Sherel, although Grinner said in an interview with Rev. Al Sharpton on Wednesday that she received a letter from her spouse who said she was "cuddling." , She still believes, "I'm having a hard time. She's there. She's alone."

Cherelle Griner said in Sharpton's Sirius XM radio show "Keepin'It Real" that she hasn't talked to her wife since February 17th. On her anniversary, a logistic error with the US embassyis reported to be unable to connect to their phone.

Sherel Greener added that trials against her wife have already been piled up against her.

"There is no justice for this," she said.