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Commentary on the awakened DA killing the store and Infowars rampaging

Former Prosecutor: Woke DAs Kill Stores

, Portland, and its hometown of Seattle" — every city with a radical prosecutor is "dedicated to not prosecuting even serious crimes," said Tom Hogan of the City Journal. Weeping. Drugstores, "the usual barometer of a city's well-being," are also closing. Even big companies (Boeing, Citadel) are "withdrawing from cities ignored by wakeful prosecutors." This will also drive "wealthy people" to "follow their jobs" where "prosecutors are still prosecuting." On the other hand, "If you can't have a good cup of coffee in one of these cities next time, think about who you voted for in the district attorney election."

Liberal: U.S. Army

"The number of Americans who can serve in uniform is dwindling,"says Michael R. Bloomberg. Recruitment target "still 15% short" and "army facing biggest shortfall" at 60%. However, "relaxed physical fitness" is the wrong answer. “Prioritize . It also noted that "investments in unmanned weapons systems, artificial intelligence and precision munitions" could "reduce manpower requirements," thus "utilizing the potential of new technology while keeping experienced military personnel in uniform." "can do.

Libertarians: Signs of Federal Government Stupid "Extremism"

"It looks like half a T-shirt catalog," says J.D. Tuccille of Reason,. They include "The Punisher's Skull" and "General 'Revolutionary War Images'". The FBI is "frankly trying to tell us that they are not satisfied with all of the fully believable liberties and bills of rights"? "Federal agents snooping Boston's Freedom Trail and Valley Forge Museum "Beware." Yes, "The United States is suffering from waves of political violence from across the political spectrum. But instead of de-escalating tensions, government officials... It confuses those who say they are with peaceful critics of government and authority, and goes "to the point of presenting this nation's founding symbol as a potential threat." Hmmm: "The federal government is telling us very obvious things about themselves."

Left to right: Silly mockery at 'Taken'

Matt Taibbi of TK News teased off in Atlantic Monthly article [Liam] Neeson's bloody exaltation in "Taken" movie. teeth? Taibbi said: They play out an "infinite sense of vulnerability" that makes "both mothers and fathers" "worrying machines." Neeson's flick said, "It's not a movie for men who dream of a return to spanking and spy on little Jenny's's all about the helplessness of being too old to protect yourself from it all." It's just an escapist fantasy for anyone who's ever felt that."

Cultural Critic: Infowars Will Rage On

"Now Alex Jones Is it the end?” Ben Sixsmith wonders in Spectator World. A 'pretentious radio host who declared' lost a lawsuit and was 'ordered to pay nearly $50 million' and 'further trial awaits.' But it is wrong for progressives to believe that "killing the monster of Alex Jones is killing the monster of populist cynicism against mainstream institutions." was not as cynical as the invasion of Iraq." Jones "didn't create the world we live in. He exploited it."

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