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After a cheap "mama's makeover", the woman left with a horrific injury

The mother claims to have been fighting for her life after the failure of "Mom's Makeover" in Turkey.

Tracy Marriott, 45, flew to Istanbul for abdominoplasty and breast augmentation surgery after being recommended by a budget surgeon by her friend.

Three mothers from Eastbourne, East Sussex, England, wanted the price cuts to increase their confidence, but instead had shocking results.

Tracy's Budget Her Surgery has her life-threatening lung infections, crevice holes in her chest, and huge jagged scars on her stomach. I left it.

Her mother, a full-time caregiver for her son Daniel, 6 years old, first studies the clinic with others who are considering cheap cosmetic surgery abroad. Sharing her story to warn you.

Tracy said:

"This procedure was what I always wanted. After the birth of three children, I had a slightly sagging belly and needed abdominoplasty and breast augmentation surgery.

"I thought I did a lot of research. A few friends recommended the same surgeon in Turkey.

" It was the price that further influenced my decision.

"The combined surgery cost $ 6,151 and I was supposed to be hospitalized for 5 days by plane, but I was sick and my husband Dan was sick, so I had to book an additional flight. ., I jumped out to help me get home.

"After the surgery, I had a lot of pain and had breathing problems.

" I didn't know much about what was happening to me, and I didn't even have a chance to see the results of the surgery.

Tracy Marriott, 45, claims she was left fighting for her life after a botched mommy makeover in Turkey.
Mercury Press

I took some kind of X-ray photograph without explaining what was happening to my health other than abnormal blood levels.

"I felt like I was dying, so I couldn't go home.

" While I was in the hospital, my mother's video called me and she Said that he could hardly recognize me. I looked very sick. "

Tracy's procedure reduced the 18 size body to 14 size and the 36DD bra. The size was increased to 36FF, but she couldn't prepare for the horrifying consequences.

The three moms added:

"The doctor also said I had a lung infection.

Tracy's friend's recommended the budget surgeon.
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"One day I knocked on one and another hole appeared. All these oozing out.

" The infection that really surprised me There wasn't, but I was still infused and admitted directly to the hospital.

"They are used to seeing it, I'm sure, and I'm sure they're me I'm really grateful for the duty of care and support I gave to.

"I knew there was a scar, but I didn't expect it to leave a scar on my stomach. It didn't seem to be normal.

"The clinic tried to tell me that this was the way my body was healing, but it wasn't."

Tracy Marriott's botched boob job gave her a lung infection.
Mercury Press

After suffering trials, Tracy modified the procedure in Belgium and stated: She feels much better now.

She states:

"Surgery is really worth it to most people. It is advisable to do as much research as possible.

" I think the saying is true – you are you Get what you pay for. "

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